Top Headlines

New Travel Partner Picked

US Quidditch is excited to announce a new travel partner for the 2014-15 season, Traveling Teams.

Captains Checklist for Official Matches

With new registration requirements and events already starting to get underway, it is important to make sure all teams know what they need to do before playing in an official game. Here is a checklist for captains to complete before playing in an official match this season.

Taylor Selected as South Regional Director

USQ is thrilled to announce that Curtis Taylor will be assuming the position of South Regional Director, effective immediately.

NW Regional Championship Update

The Northwest Regional Championship is currently slated for February in the Greater Seattle Area (more information will be announced at a later date), but unless more teams register with USQ, the tournament might not happen.

Sweep Across the South: A Discussion of Tactics

In the final installment of Sweep Across the South, we take a look at the tactics each team uses and how those can be used to give each team the best chance at success.

Midwest Monday No. 1 and Tournament of the Stars Preview

This week, we give you our preseason top team Ohio State University and preview the region’s premier event, Tournament of the Stars 2, taking place on Sept. 20 in Columbus, Ohio.

Sweep Across the South Part Four

After slotting the South's teams into five categories, let's take a look at the reasoning behind the decisions.

USQ Awards First Team Sponsorships

USQ is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2014-15 Team Sponsorship grant: UCLA and the Appalachian Apparators. The grant is given to two official member teams with at least seven registered players in order to help defray costs for an upcoming season of competitive play.