University of British Columbia


The University of British Columbia Quidditch is UBC's A team, a proudly Canadian team who hopes to precure enough polar bears to ride down to the states to replace cars, in order to preserve feul and be more sustainable. Founded in 2011, UBCQ started out as a handful of people coming out to a single practice a week playing with hulla-hoops ductaped to the ground, to this years astounding 77 member strong team, having enough talent at last to support 2 fully official USQ Teams. Due to Vancouver's close proximity to teams in California, Western Washington, and Idaho, UBC made the decision to join USQ this year, since travelling was more feasible, and they have seen and loved the high compeititon of the United States Quidditch teams for many years past. UBC Quidditch is proud to have 4 members of Team Canada that participated in the 2014 Global Games, and also several veterans that have been with the team since its development. Last year, UBCQ were named champions of the Western Wyverns' Night Tourney, in which they played several Northwest teams including WWU, SFU, and their very own B team. As last year's Gold Medal Invitational, UBCQ put up an astounding fight and ended up placing 7 out of 15, keeping most all of their matches within snitch range against top American teams, including the infamous Lost Boys, a team who had only a year before beat them easily. UBCQ is absolutely thrilled to be members of the USQ this year, and is more determined than ever to earn a spot at the World Cup to play against the Nation's, and the Worlds, top teams. We hope to see you out there on the pitch! BOOM CAW.


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