Belgian Qwaffles


The first team of Belgium with branches across the country, notably in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Louvain-La-Neuve and Mons!

Started in 2013 by Cory Flaniel, Laurens Grinwis Plaat Stultjes, Zoé Miniconi and Dávid Danos, we have seen immense amounts of growth across the country. Featured in articles in papers and journals across the country and highlighted on national television, RTL TVI, the Qwaffles (and by extension, the Beerters) have come a long way in the few months since being active.

A one year experiment to get Belgium (and Benelux) quidditch off its feets, the Qwaffles and its companion team the Beerters are nation-wide community teams drawing from hotspots such as the theatre community, local universities and various groups to bring together Belgian quidditch and unify it as it progresses into the world of quidkids. Set to change into the actual national team for Summer Games, the role of these two national community teams is to establish a base within the Belgian quidditch community from which it can jump in the future years in each of the major cities.

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Le premier équipe en Belgique qui comporte des «branches» partout, notamment à Bruxelles, Anvers, Louvain-La-Neuve, Gand et Mons.

Créé effectivement en 2013 par Cory Flaniel, Laurens Grinwis Plaat Stultjes, Zoé Miniconi et Dávid Danos, on a vu l'accroisement incroyable du quidditch en Belgique. Illustré dans les publications et des journaux nationaux et paru dans les diffusions de télévision comme RTL TVI, Les Qwaffles et Beerters ont fait de forts progrès.

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