Milano Meneghins Quidditch


The Meneghins are the first team from Italy to become IQA official, in the 2012-2013 season, and they immediately got involved on the international scene, being the only non-French team attending the first European regional in Lesparre-Médoc.

Today, they are one of, if not the most active italian team, with many of their players being actively involved from the birth of Italian quidditch to the present development of its national organization.

Despite having been with our 7th final position the worst between the 2 Italian teams playing at EQC '14 in Brussels, we are glad to say we keep somewhat of a dominant position in Italy, managing to beat an awesome Lunatica Q.C. side (they ended up 4th at EQC!) in an otherwise not too exciting day 1 of the tournament.

Many of us were selected into the Italian National Team, so we look forward to meeting more international quidkids in Canada at Global Games, while we prepare for a first competitive national tournament this May in Turin, where we will try to confirm our current semi official status of team to beat in Italy, and try to become more competitive in international events as well!

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