The Fighting Farmers of America


How did the Fighting Farmers of America come to be? Every significant team has a backstory, and we're no exception!

At the height of the nation's agriculture there existed a farmer in California who valued hard work, community, and soil above all else. He saw the big city as a distraction from turning his beloved crops and farmland into profit. A sprawling metropolis only represented the opportunity to be swindled out of deserved earnings to the farmer. Dedicated to his craft, the farmer consistently and meticulously toiled his lands building up both an impressive yield and reputation.

Sadly, one fateful year unexpected mischievous visitors arrived on the farmer's property at midnight on the eve of the crop season. A group of impish fairy boys brought their pet Skrewts to the farm in the dead of night and proceeded to scorch the farmer's land, barns, and silos. In the morning, the farmer knew he could not afford such losses. Destitute, he turned to the big city. In the city, the farmer crossed paths with a charismatic Gambler that convinced him he could win back all of his losses at his casino. At first, the scheme seemed to work for the farmer, but soon his luck at the slots drastically fell and he accrued an insurmountable debt. With no other options, the farmer enlisted the help of a loan Shark to help pay his debts to the gambler. Still with no farm, he could not even tip the shark, let alone pay back his new debt. As sharks often do, the loan shark bit the farmer by slaughtering his remaining livestock as settlement.

On his barren earth, with his life in shambles, the farmer climbed into his '18 Deere Tractor and called a town hall meeting. He rallied his closest friends, peers, and scarecrows to join his cause. Soon, a malicious mob was formed, and the farmer swore he would have revenge on everyone who had wronged him. And thus, the Fighting Farmers were born not with a bang, but with a "yee-haw!"


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