British Columbia Quidditch Club


The British Columbia Quidditch Club is the University of British Columbia’s B(etter) Team, a team made up of mostly first year Quidditch players who strive to make a powerful entrance onto the Quidditch scene. This is the first year that UBC has had an official B team due to an amazing turnout of talent this year. With the guidance of veteran coaches, they aim to show how much muscle Canada has. Practicing with the UBCQ has allowed the BCQC first years to gain valuable experience with people who have been playing this intense game for years. Some people of the BCQC have previously played with UBCQ, attending tournaments such as the Western Regional in 2012, the UCLA Gold Medal Invitational, the Western Wyverns’ Night Tourney, as well as hosted many other small tournaments in our local surrounding cities. Members of BCQC have shown commitment to Quidditch and hold an amazing amount of skill that we can’t wait to unveil at the upcoming tournaments. With this amount of previous experience, as well as dedicated, energetic, and talented new individuals filling up the roster, BCQC will prove to be a force and will fight to earn a spot at World Cup to play against some amazing teams from all over the world. We will see you on the pitch, eh!

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