Portland Augureys


The Portland Augureys, recipients of USQ's Xander Manshel award for the 2014-2015 season, were founded July 21 2014 by Benji "Dangersquirrel" B'Shalom and Tasha Kiri Robertson. They are the oldest registered community team in the Northwest Region, as well as the only registered team in Oregon! Augureys, AKA "Irish Phoenix", are a species of mythical bird of Celtic origin. They are said to hunt their prey of faeries and pixies only in the rain, and their song, once thought to be a portent of death, actually foretells a coming rainstorm.
The Augureys value building the community up for long-term success and investing in the future of quidditch, and making quidditch a safe space for people of all sorts to have fun, work hard, compete, and play. In addition to playing on the USQ level, the Augureys are the flagship team for the Portland Quidditch League, and were undefeated in the Salem Snitch Trials, the unofficial de-facto Oregon championship tournament, in April 2015.
Being a community team in an area with no school teams to recruit from, the Augureys are always looking for teamwork-oriented and sportspersonlike new members to join the flock. They practice twice a week at Fernhill Park in Portland, practice details can be found on the Portland Quidditch League public facebook group under "events".

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And check out the Portland Quidditch League on their facebook group and page!


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