US Quidditch Cup 13: On-Site and Remote Event Staff

US Quidditch Cup 13 takes place in Charleston, West Virginia over April 18 and 19, 2020. It is the biggest quidditch event in the world featuring 88 teams and is the pinnacle of the USQ season. We are looking for volunteers who want to serve on event staff, either in on-site or remote roles. 

Open Positions

Roles are available on the following teams:

  • Admin
    • This team assists USQ employees on a variety of different tasks in executive assistant type roles.
  • Gameplay
    • This team runs gameplay on-site, including scheduling, scores, and rankings.
  • Hospitality
    • This team supports non-gameplay activities, including team services, guest services/ticketing, youth quidditch, the VIP experience, and the fan festival. 
  • Logistics
    • This team ensures that equipment and safety needs are taken care of, including replacing broken equipment, managing water refills, and running setup and teardown of event site. Should be able to comfortably lift up to 85lbs.
  • Marketing
    • This team promotes the event through social media and PR, runs the livestream, and oversees the USQ merch booth. 
  • Officials
    • This team manages referees and snitch runners. 
  • Volunteers
    • This team handles all the general day of volunteers including field staff, booth volunteers, etc. 

A full list of event staff roles will be available later in the season, and those who respond to this open recruitment call by December 30 will be given priority when we assign specific positions.

Primary Responsibilities

Volunteers can serve as team leaders or coordinators. A team leader is an on-site leadership position and they oversee the activities of volunteer coordinators on their team. Generally, current year round USQ volunteers serve as team leaders. However, new volunteers may be considered for these roles on a case by case basis. 

Event staff roles can be either short term or year round volunteer positions. The average time commitment is 2-5 hours per week. Some roles may have a greater time commitment in the weeks leading up to the event, depending on what pre-event projects they are focused on. We can also accommodate those who want to give more than 5 hours a week to their role. 

Event-staff roles are typically filled by those who aren’t playing, reffing, snitching, or coaching at the event. However, those who anticipate participating in the event in that way are still encouraged to apply. 

For on-site roles, volunteers can expect to be scheduled a minimum of 8 hours per day for the days they are on-site in Charleston. On-site event staff typically arrive the Thursday or Friday before the event and stay until the Monday or Tuesday afterward, but we can accommodate other schedules. The main priority is being available for Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19. On-site event staff volunteers may work outside and they may be on their feet for much of the time, though some positions are more based in indoor spaces or tents. 

For remote roles, we ask for a minimum of 4 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday. 

All volunteers will be expected to attend pre-event meetings. These will take place once or twice a month, depending on the team. Meetings may increase to weekly as we get closer to the event. Volunteers will receive a USQ email address. Those serving in on-site roles will receive a USQ event staff polo, a USQ Cup volunteer shirt, housing, and ground transportation once they arrive in Charleston. Travel reimbursement is available to select volunteers, and that application process will be provided to volunteers later in the season. Those serving in remote roles will receive a USQ Cup volunteer shirt. 


For current year round USQ volunteers, please email and state what team(s) you are interested in being a part of, if you would like to be considered for a team leader role, if you already have a specific role in mind based on previous experience, and if you would like to be considered for an on-site or remote role. 

For those who aren’t current USQ volunteers, please send a cover letter and resume listing your event experience to State what staff teams(s) you are interested in being a part of and if you would like to be considered for an on-site or remote role. 

Applications are accepted throughout the season but those who apply by December 30 will be given priority for specific roles.