Snitch Coordinator

The snitch coordinator supervises all aspects of USQ’s snitch runner members. This role is part of of USQ’s gameplay department.

USQ’s gameplay department consists of gameplay coordinators, referee coordinators, snitch coordinators, and rules coordinators. Staff in this department work together to supervise and run all aspects of USQ gameplay, ensuring that the league maintains high standards of competition and fair play. 

This is a year round volunteer position. Volunteers will receive a USQ email address, be invited to USQ’s Slack workspace, and will attend regular department meetings. Other perks include opportunities to receive free USQ membership, merchandise, and invites to internal social programs. When they volunteer at a USQ event, they get free housing and other perks. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain the snitch and proctor certification and evaluation program
  • Develop and administer snitch training resources
  • Develop, evaluate and enforce USQ gameplay rules as it relates to snitches
  • Schedule snitches at USQ-hosted events
  • Represent snitch team professionally in virtual and in-person settings

Tasks may include but are not limited to

  • Discuss potential changes to snitch certification and evaluation program
  • Create and maintain snitch resources
  • Survey snitches at the conclusion of USQ’s season
  • Collaborate with gameplay department teams on other projects
  • Represent the needs of snitches in your region
  • Create and lead individual and team projects

Minimum Requirements

  • 1+ years as a Tier 5+ certified USQ snitch
  • Passion for the sport and its rules
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong data analysis skills
  • Available to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours/week including meetings


To apply, please fill out this form linked here. If you have any questions please reach out to