Regional Coordinator - West

US Quidditch regional coordinators act as representatives for and liaisons to their regions’ teams and individual members. Regional coordinators are part of the Membership Department and report directly to the Membership Director.

We are currently looking for a regional coordinator in the West region.
Regional coordinators should be prepared to assist USQ and members in the following areas.

  • Field questions via email, phone, and social media.
  • Ensure that teams and members are aware of league updates and opportunities via regular emails and meetings.
  • Host regular virtual meetings with team captains in order to solicit feedback on future league and membership program improvements, as well as field questions, and ensure they are aware of league updates (dependent on regional interest).
  • Facilitate the growth of new teams by assisting in the creation of and directing teams toward USQ support and resources.
  • Relay concerns of teams within their region to the Membership Director

  • Complete the USQ Tournament Director Certification program, as well as attempt the USQ referee written tests, the snitch written tests, and the coach certification program in order to be familiar with USQ policy and procedures, offer feedback, and field questions appropriately.
  • Maintain consistent contact with team and region leaders, report on trends within the region
  • Take responsibility of distributing surveys and tabulating results and data on the region

  • Assist the Events Department in the recruitment and training of local volunteers for the annual regional championship tournament.
  • Assist the Events Department in ensuring all teams registered for regional and national championship events have fulfilled all tournament requirements
  • Attend and volunteer on-site at regional championship tournament.
  • Assist the Events Department in promoting the sanctioned events program and ensuring appropriate host follow-through.
  • Assist the Events and Communications Departments in promoting local events and quidditch opportunities.

Regional coordinators are expected to attend a weekly meeting with their peers and the Membership Director in order to discuss regional and league updates, as well as various projects and sport advancements.

If interested, please send a resume (including both quidditch and non-quidditch activities) and a brief cover letter to Membership Director Eric Schnier at