Livestream Commentator

How to become a USQ Commentator 

Commentating is a fun way to get involved in the quidditch community without being a player or referee. You can become a USQ commentator by signing up at this link and completing a few short forms. 

  • Fill out the interest form 
  • Attend Commentator Info Sessions (calendar to be announced soon)
  • Fill out USQ Commentator Application (will be released August  4th)
  • Review and take Commentator Guidelines Test
  • Review Training Videos or attend training session

USQ official commentating* is currently broken into two levels, Tier II and Tier I commentator

  • Tier II commentators can announce any non-elimination USQ official games

**For the 2021 Season*, after commentating on 3 USQ games, a Commentator can become a Tier I Commentator

  • Tier I Commentators can announce at USQ Regional elimination games as well as Nationals. 

*USQ will not regulate or be responsible for unofficial games or fantasy tournament commentary. 

**In future seasons commentator submissions and reviews will determine Broadcast Tier. Commentator Review guidelines for future seasons can be found here. 

Interested in opportunities or what to learn more?

If you’d like to sign up, offer suggestions, or learn more about how to commentate you can reach out to our livestream coordinator at In addition if you’d like to be paired with a current commentator, coach and mentor be sure to contact the livestream team and we will work on matching you.

USQ’s Commentator Diversity Rider Program

USQ is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Recognizing that increasing the number of female and gender non-conforming volunteers and individuals from other underrepresented groups, volunteering them whenever possible in a manner pursuant to our mission statement, will create a stronger pipeline for more diverse representation on-screen and off-screen.

Based on similar rider documents used by professional productions and crews, USQ will aim to have commentator representation that reflects that our community at a minimum, we hold ourselves to schedule commentators in a manner that matches current census data as a baseline, which means our broadcasts will be comprised of

 >46% Female >4% Non-Binary >20% Black and POC in future broadcasts. 

You can read the entirety of the USQ Inclusion rider and how it will operate in the document here.