Event Logistics Coordinator

Volunteers in USQ’s Events Department help plan regional and national championships, along with supporting other programs like tournament director certification and event sanctioning. Event logistic coordinators are part of the Events Team and focus on logistics at USQ regional and national championships, as well as organizing resources and event operations. 

This is a year round volunteer position. Volunteers will receive a USQ email address and attend regular meetings with other volunteers on their team or in their department. They will work on a variety of USQ programs and events, including regional championships and US Quidditch Cup. When they volunteer at a USQ event, they get free housing and other perks.  

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop logistic and operation plans for USQ Events 
  • Manage resources for efficient event operations

Tasks may include but are not limited to

  • Develop plans for set up and breakdown of all USQ Events
  • Develop procurement process for USQ equipment and rental items
  • Create resources for efficient event operations that can be used at any USQ Event or by an certified TD
  • In conjunction with Gameplay Coordinators, develop field layout
  • On Site at Events
    • Ensures that equipment and safety needs are taken care of, including replacing broken equipment, managing water refills, and running setup and teardown
    • Be response team in emergency situations, including medical vehicles entering complex, weather delays, and lost child procedure.
    • Assist with packaging, loading, and unloading of event equipment
    • Provide support to the Gameplay Departments as needed
    • Provide support to volunteer coordinators as needed

Minimum Requirements

  • Available to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours/week including weekly meetings throughout USQ event season.
  • Ability to handle 25lb+ of equipment


To apply, please fill out this form linked here. If you have any questions please reach out to volunteer@usquidditch.org