Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee Member

The diversity, equity, and inclusion committee is a part of the office of the executive director. This committee is dedicated to furthering initiatives to continue to make quidditch a safe and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds to participate in.

This is a year round volunteer position with an initial term of one season, and applications for the committee will open up every summer and be accepting applications on a rolling basis until spots are filled. Volunteers will receive a USQ email address and attend regular meetings with other volunteers on their team or in their department, plus be given an opportunity to receive individual memberships and merchandise for volunteer hours.

This committee will help advise other departments on DEI work and help hold the league accountable for DEI goals and progress towards them. The goal is for all departments to contribute to this work, not just DEI committee members.


  • Develop and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for USQ

    • Create and share diversity and equity focused education training materials for volunteers, athletes, and spectators
    • Help identify and address areas of concern and growth to increase USQ’s diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Establish and upkeep methods of tracking metrics for diversity within USQ
    • Assist with recruitment and retention of staff and volunteer diversity
    • Collaborate with USQ departments to ensure USQ’s diversity efforts are reflected in programs and communications - this includes being assigned as a liaison to a specific USQ department
    • Lead conversations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion for the quidditch community
    • Serve as a resource for members of the quidditch community for questions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion issues
    • Advise on investigations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion issues

      • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. This includes the ability to listen and empathize, while maintaining a professional and understanding demeanor during difficult conversations
      • Willing to participate in or lead group discussions on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
      • Organized and detail-oriented
      • Availability to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours/week including meetings
      • Individuals newer to the sport are welcome and encouraged to apply.


        To apply, please fill out this form linked here. Applications are due by 11:59 PM PT on Monday, May 31. Questions can be directed to volunteer@usquidditch.org.