Board of Director

Since USQ’s founding as a nonprofit in 2010, our board of directors have always been majority white. The USQ board is looking to expand our diversity to bring in a variety of voices and perspectives to our work and encourage BIPOC individuals who are interested to consider joining. While the board of directors relies on the staff and volunteers to execute USQ’s mission, ultimately, the board and the individual board members hold a lot of institutional power. This is a critical group to diversify as part of USQ’s ongoing equity and diversity commitments.

The board’s main responsibilities are overseeing the long-term strategic vision and stewarding the financial health of the organization. This includes advising on major project decisions, leading and supporting fundraising initiatives, and monitoring USQ’s finances. Board members serve for a three-year term, and are expected to support the organization through volunteering their time, skills, and/or financial resources, up to 10 hours per month. Board member activities include:

  • Communicating regularly via email with other board members and the executive director.
  • Attending conference calls once per month.
  • Attending in-person meetings twice per year to build relationships and get work done in a concentrated period (though not in 2020). Travel reimbursement is available.
  • Participating in committees. USQ currently has a fundraising committee, with the goal to add governance and finance committees.
  • All candidates must demonstrate a vested interest in the sport of quidditch, but are not otherwise required to be involved in its play or management. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Strong candidates should have a developed sense of professionalism and decorum, a diverse skill set, and some management experience, whether on their quidditch team, within USQ, or elsewhere in their professional life. The best candidates are supportive of our mission and values, detail-oriented, and able to discuss complex issues.

    The current board is made up of a mix of current and former team leaders and outside professionals who bring relevant nonprofit, fundraising, and legal expertise. For more information about the current board members, click here.

    To apply, please fill out this form. If you’re interested in learning more about being the board member, send us an email as well at; we’re happy to answer any questions.