Getting Your Team Involved in the USQ Event Bid Process

US Quidditch will accept a bid from any city, college administration, convention and visitor bureau (CVB), or sports commission, or a combined bid. Generally, bids are presented to USQ from these types of organizations. However, teams can also get involved by nominating their city or college administration to bid for a USQ event.

The Bid Process

USQ attends conferences like NASC Sports Event Symposium, S.P.O.R.T.S Conference, and the TEAMS Conference. There, our representatives have one-on-one appointments with city representatives to pitch our events. After the conferences, interested city representatives decide if they want to formally bid on one of our events. USQ also has ongoing relationships with additional cities who we may not meet with at these conferences.

USQ staff analyzes all initial bids, and travels to finalist cities/campuses for site visits to pick the winning bid for each event.

Please note that USQ has found that not all interested cities or college administrations will end up placing a bid, even with considerable team interest, and even those that do will not advance to the finalist phase unless their bid meets all of the USQ qualifications outlined in the bid manual and is also superior to the other bids in its region. For teams wanting to get involved in the bidding process, we recommend the following steps.  


  1. Draft a letter of nomination for the city or college your team is interested in (see template below). Email it to USQ Executive Director Mary Kimball at
  2. Schedule a conference call with USQ staff, where we will go over your letter, talk about your ideas, and lay out next steps in the bidding process
  3. USQ staff will reach out to the appropriate city, college administration, convention and visitor bureau (CVB), or sports commission, including the letter of nomination from your team as an introduction.
  4. USQ will keep your team in the loop throughout the process.

 In the past, USQ has provided guidance to teams that want to directly facilitate bids. Based on feedback from cities and key partners, we ask that teams refrain from reaching out to potential host organizations until USQ has talked to the team and gone over the best ways to proceed. In general, it is most effective for there to be one voice and one process for bidding on events. By centralizing the process, USQ can best take advantage of the resources offered by teams and USQ staff.


Please note: All bold items need to be replaced with the correct information for your team/city/college’s information.

Dear Ms. Kimball,

I am Zoe Barnes and I represent the Mica Mountaineers Quidditch Team. I am writing you to nominate the city of Tucson to host the 2019 US Quidditch West Regional Championship.

Tucson has been very supportive of the quidditch scene. It has several top notch sports complexes. Our team has gotten to know the community quite well, through our outreach efforts with youth quidditch, summer camps, library demos, and more. We think it would make a good fit for a USQ regional championship.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and please let me know when you have received this email. I look forward to speaking with you more about Tucson.

Best wishes,

Zoe Barnes
President, Mica Mountaineers Quidditch