Mentorship Program

The USQ mentorship program aims to connect experienced members of the quidditch community with new members of the quidditch community to help one another learn. Mentors (experienced members) have the opportunity to build leadership and teaching skills, while mentees (new members or inexperienced in a role) have the benefit of gaining knowledge in the quidditch community. 


Who Can Participate

Mentorship programs currently exist for players, coaches/team leaders/team managers, referees, and snitch runners.

Mentors should be a current USQ member and have been in that role with USQ for a minimum of one season. A mentee should be a current USQ member, though non-members will be considered on a case by case basis. Mentors/mentees should have a membership for the mentorship program they are signing up to participate in. As an example; if you are interested in being a snitch runner mentor, you should have a snitch runner membership through USQ and have been a snitch runner for a minimum of one season.


Interested mentors/mentees can sign up using this form. Form submissions are being accepted on a rolling basis.


Once the form is filled out, it will be reviewed by USQ staff. Mentors and mentees will then be paired as best as possible based on the responses given on their form. Speed of pairing will be based on availability of mentors and mentees.

Program Details

USQ provides some guidance for the mentorship program via this program guide. Once mentors and mentees are paired, it is up to you to take the lead on the relationship for the season. This allows for flexibility and creativity within the program, so you both can create an experience that fits your needs best.


To learn more about becoming a USQ member, visit the membership page of USQ’s website here.  


For questions about the program, please email