Quidditch is your sport, and the only way your sport can improve is based on your regular and detailed feedback! We encourage anyone involved in the quidditch community to fill out these forms when applicable.


Incident Report Form 

Please fill out this form whether or not you plan on filing an accident insurance claim. The more we know about injuries that occur at events, the safer we can make the sport for the future! We recommend filling out this form within 48 hours of the event at which an injury occurred.


Referee Evaluation Form 

Snitch Evaluation Form 

Going to a multi-day USQ event? Your responses to this form are reviewed between one and three times a week. For additional questions about officials, please refer to the email list in the left side bar.


Event Survey 

This survey can be filled out for any quidditch event attended. If you have additional questions about an event you attended, please refer to the email list in the left side bar.