USQ Update

USQ Update

US National Team Roster Update

The US National Team (USNT) and USNT Developmental Academy (USNTDA) coaching staff, with consultation from scouts, have released their roster updates.

Update 6.24.22

The announcement regarding what event the US National Team and USNT Developmental Academy will be participating has been postponed to July.


After facing a two-year disruption, the USNT and USNTDA selection cycle is back on track.

Following the recent USQ Cup, USNT Head Coach Michael “Yada” Parada reviewed performances by athletes across USQ and Major League Quidditch with his coaching staff and scouts. The final result is a 26-person standing team that will compete in an event later this summer in the U.S. More info will be announced in early June.

Below is the current standing team roster.


Andrew Axtell │Texas Hill Country Heat

Rachel Ayella-Silver │ The Warriors

Julia Baer │ Bosnyan Bearsharks

Henry Baer-Benson │ Tufts University Tufflepuffs

Justin Cole │ Bosnyan Bearsharks

Taylor Crawford │ The Warriors

Ryan Davis │ Terminus Quidditch Atlanta

John Dorsett│ Texas Hill Country Heat

Kaci Erwin │ Texas Cavalry

Miguel Esparza │ Texas Hill Country Heat

Bailee Fields │ Texas Hill Country Heat

Rachel Heald │ Bosnyan Bearsharks

Tate Kay │ Unaffiliated

Kobe Kendall │ Anteaters Forever

Max Havlin │ Boston Pandas

Jackson Johnson │ Texas Hill Country Heat

Lindsay Marella │ The Warriors

Erin McBride │ Texas Cavalry

Kylie McBride │ Pegasus Quidditch Club

Augustine Monroe │ Texas Cavalry

Darian Murcek-Ellis │ Creighton Quidditch

Ian Scura │ Boston Pandas

Tyler Trudeau │ Bosnyan Bearsharks

Austin Villejo │ Pegasus Quidditch Club

Daniel Williams │ Texas Hill Country Heat

Lulu Xu │ Boston Pandas

Martin Bermudez Jr., Sam Haimowitz and Hallie Pace elected to leave the standing team. The following athletes were released at this time: Jayke Archibald, Teddy Costa and Ryan Nawrocki.

The team will continue to be led by Parada with his assistant coaches Jackson Johnson and Ethan Sturm. The USNT Coordinator is Amanda Dallas.

As for the USNTDA, Head Coach Azeem Hussain consulted with USNT coaches and scouts to determine a 21-person roster for the 2022 class. However, three parties declined their invitations, bringing the total to 18. Below is the current developmental academy roster.


Kasye Bevers │ Texas Quidditch

Leo Fried │Harvard Horntails

Joe Goulet │ Creighton Quidditch

Josh Johnson │ Texas Quidditch

Kai Kendall │ Anteaters Forever

Jessica Lee │ Harvard Horntails

Ellie Lisec │ RPI Quidditch

Allyson Manzella │ Boom Train

Serena Monteiro │ Boston Pandas

Sena Morimoto │ Creighton Quidditch

Kyzer Polzin │ Texas Quidditch

Carlos Prado │ Pegasus Quidditch Club

John Sheridan │ Unaffiliated

Andrew Steinberg │ Brown Club Quidditch

Jay Stewart │ UTSA Club Quidditch

Caroline Tao │ Texas Quidditch

Emma Vasquez │ Boom Train

Jack Wang │ Texas Quidditch

Chaser Tyler Zreet was released from the USNTDA.

The team will continue to be led by Hussain with the addition of Bermudez and Tao as assistant coaches. Dallas is the acting coordinator for the USNTDA.

Come September, the USNTDA athletes that did not play for a collegiate team in the 2021-22 season will either be released from the program or promoted to the USNT. Participation on a college team in the season prior is a requirement of the USNTDA and was temporarily removed due to Covid-19. Players who are undergraduates in college but attend a school that does not have a team will remain an exception to this requirement. 

To learn more about the structure of the U.S. National Team and the selection process, head here and keep an eye on the USNT Facebook, USNT Twitter, and the USQ Instagram.