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Snitch of the Spring Announced

USQ announces Justin Guillory as the Snitch of the Spring for Spring 2022

 US Quidditch is excited to announce our first Snitch of the Spring, Justin Guillory. Guillory is the second recipient of our Snitch of the Year program and was chosen based on votes from the community related to performance and committee approval. More information on the criteria for the program is available at the end of this article.

Justin Guillory

Hailing from Houston, TX, Guillory began playing quidditch in 2014 with Sam Houston State’s satellite team, Death Row Quidditch. He started snitching soon after that and said it’s been his goal to win Snitch of the Year since he saw someone get the title at Nationals that year. Guillory played with Death Row for one year but drifted more toward snitching, confident that he had found his place in this sport. Today, he holds the Tier 2 ranking as a USQ certified snitch runner. This season, Justin has snitched many high-profile tournaments in the Southwest region, including Lonestar Cup (UT), Breakfast Taco (SHSU), Alamo Cup (UTSA), and of course, USQ SW Regionals. The highest-level game he ever snitched was a semi-final game at Nationals, complete with the seeker talents of the LA Gambits and the Warriors.

It didn’t all come easy to him, though. In 2017, Justin suffered a shoulder dislocation. Since then, he has learned to adapt, be cautious, and has trained himself back to health and become our Snitch of the Spring. He describes his style of snitching as grapple heavy as he plays to his strengths and knows his style after almost eight years. Some of his favorite seeker matchups are some high-profile names, such as Josh Andrews (Texas Cavalry), Chris Dorsey (SHSU), and Jay Stewart (UTSA). When considering what's next, Guillory strives for excellence and hopes to come back stronger every year to serve the quidditch community as a top-level snitch runner.

When he is not sporting the yellow shorts, he works as a 7th Grade Special Education teacher and has taken on a new challenge. It is his first year coaching football and soccer for 7th and 8th graders, and he enjoys seeing his players succeed. He is also a proud member of Hufflepuff House and enjoys anime, his favorite of which is One Piece. 

For newer snitches, Guillory says to “stay hungry [and that] confidence is key.” To stay at the top of his game, Guillory runs and does cardio to get his body ready for snitching. However, the experience of being in a game with those tough seeker matchups is where he gained most of his skill from. 

USQ and the Snitch Community wish Justin and all our snitches the best of luck at USQC in Salt Lake City!


Currently, the Snitch of the Fall and Spring awards are open to all USQ-certified snitches in its inaugural season. Recipients are primarily selected based on referee evaluations and a nomination form, which includes feedback from coaches, peer referees, tournament directors, and players. The selection also takes into account the number of games a snitch participates in and their overall contributions to the quidditch community as a snitch. All these data points are reviewed by the USQ snitch team in the gameplay department, who then select recipients of this award.

USQ’s snitch team members are eligible to be selected for the award. However, any member who is up for discussion as a potential winner must recuse themselves from the conversation to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

For questions about the Snitch of the Year program, please email