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Ask An Athletic Trainer - Altitude Sickness

USQ’s risk management team has released another injury prevention guide, focusing on preventing altitude sickness for participants going to US Quidditch Cup 2022.

Salt Lake City, Utah, is at approximately 4,200 feet above sea level, higher than most USQ teams are used to. To help teams prepare for this new experience, the USQ Risk Management Team has created another resource in its Ask An Athletic Trainer series focused on preventing altitude sickness. Altitude sickness typically occurs at 8,000 feet and higher elevations, but some individuals may notice symptoms at lower elevations. 

The resource is available to download here and is also linked on our player safety page

The mountains around Salt Lake City make an excellent day trip, as they’re so close by. However, they are at a much higher elevation than the city itself. For those who choose to travel to the mountains, we recommend that individuals exercise caution in attempting strenuous activities (such as hiking) before and after the tournament.