USQ Update

USQ Update

US National Team Roster Update

The US National Team (USNT) coaching staff, with consultation from scouts, has released eight players from the standing team roster.

Like almost all other aspects of quidditch, the pandemic has disrupted the USNT selection cycle. With athletes just six months back into playing, the coaching staff has chosen to be patient in adding players to the standing roster. Instead, along with the standard roster cut process, they invited a select group of individuals to a closed training camp at the Crescent City Invitational, alongside the USNT and USNTDA, for further evaluation.

Following the recent MLQ Championship and USQ fall regional championships, USNT Head Coach Michael “Yada” Parada reviewed performances by athletes across the two leagues with his coaching staff and scouts. It was determined that there would be no immediate adds to the roster, however, eight athletes would be released and a number of potential USNT candidates, including the USNTDA, would, as mentioned, receive invites to a closed training camp.

“It has been almost two and a half years since we have been able to assess the USNT as a group in-person. Rather than commit to immediate adds, we chose to invite a larger swath of players to our closed Crescent City Invitational training camp to see how they meld with the team before making any more definitive decisions this far from our next tournament,” Parada said.

The next IQA tournament will be a continental game this summer. However, no definitive information regarding when and the exact location has been available. As such, the USNT application form will re-open December 15. Open training camps will be held this spring in the Great Lakes/Midwest, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic and West regions. The West camp will take place on Sunday, January 16 following the Sin City Classic hosted by USQ in Las Vegas. The dates and locations of the other two camps will be announced later this month via the USQ events calendar and USNT social media. Each camp is four hours in length.

Below is the current standing team roster.


Jayke Archibald | Boston Pandas

Andrew Axtell | Texas Hill Country Heat

Julia Baer | Bosnyan Bearsharks

Martin Bermudez Jr | Texas Cavalry

Teddy Costa | Boston Pandas

Kaci Erwin | Texas Cavalry

Bailee Fields | Texas Hill Country Heat

Rachel Heald | Bosnyan Bearsharks

Tate Kay | Unaffiliated

Sam Haimowitz | Unaffiliated

Max Havlin | Boston Pandas

Jackson Johnson | Texas Hill Country Heat

Lindsay Marella | The Warriors

Kylie McBride | Pegasus Quidditch Club

Augustine Monroe | Texas Cavalry

Ryan Nawrocki | Pegasus Quidditch Club

Hallie Pace | Unaffiliated

Tyler Trudeau | Bosnyan Bearsharks

Lulu Xu | Boston Pandas

Chasers Aryan Ghoddossy and Luke Langlinais declined consideration and were released from the USNT. The following athletes were also released at this time: Solomon Gominiak, Harry Greenhouse, Jess Markle, Elizabeth Ng, Jacob Parker and Robby Sluss.

Any athletes cut from the USNT were informed they are welcome to attend open training camps and may matriculate back into the applicant pool. 

As for the USNTDA, Head Coach Azeem Hussain is currently reviewing MLQ and fall performances with his scouts and USNT staff. He expects to add to the roster this winter. The next drop/add period for the DA following the winter selection would take place after the USQ Cup in April.

Below is the current developmental academy roster.


Joshua Johnson | Texas Quidditch
Kobe Kendall | Anteaters Forever
Eleanor Lisec | RPI Quidditch
Allyson Manzella | Boom Train
Serena Monteiro | Boston Pandas
Sena Morimoto | Creighton Quidditch
Darian Murcek-Ellis | Creighton Quidditch
Carlos Prado | Pegasus Quidditch Club
Ian Scura | Boston Pandas
John Sheridan | Unaffiliated
Andrew Steinberg | Brown Club Quidditch
Caroline Tao | Texas Quidditch
Jack Wang | Texas Quidditch
Daniel Williams | Texas Hill Country Heat
Tyler Zreet | Unaffiliated

To learn more about the structure of the U.S. National Team and the selection process, head here and keep an eye on the USNT Facebook, USNT Twitter, and the USQ Instagram.