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Updates on Northeast Regional Championship for 21-22 Season

USQ’s gameplay team has updates on how the cancellation of NERC in fall 2021 affects teams who were originally registered for the event.

Due to the cancellation of Northeast Regional Championship 2021 for player safety concerns, USQ is counting the “attend one regionals” requirement for competitive college and club division nationals entry fulfilled for all teams fully registered and scheduled to attend that tournament at the time of cancellation.

The list of teams this applies to is as follows:


Boston University Quidditch
Brandeis Quidditch
Brown Bears Quidditch
Emerson College Quidditch
Harvard Horntails
Middlebury College Quidditch
MIT Marauders
RPI Quidditch
Rutgers University Quidditch
Tufts University Tufflepuffs
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Vermont Quidditch Club


Atlantic Dragons
Bosnyan Bearsharks
Boston Pandas
Boston Red Pandas
Skyline Quidditch
The Warriors

All nationals bids originally allocated to NERC have returned to the at large pool.  Teams can attempt to earn at large bids by fulfilling the at large season play requirements. More information on bid allocation for nationals is available here.  Expanded at large requirements can be found here or listed as follows, compared to minimum requirements to earn a bid:

  • Two official events (minimum: one regional)
  • Seven official games (minimum: five)
  • Four different opponents (minimum: three)

All games played at any regional do count towards season play requirements, and attending a regional also counts towards event total.

Teams who would still prefer to earn bids at a regional instead of through at large can attend any of the existing upcoming spring regionals.

Additionally, USQ is working on the possibility of hosting a rescheduled NERC in the spring.  Should that tournament occur, bids will be allocated to the event in the same way as with other regionals.  

Should a new NERC be scheduled, it will be treated as a new, additional regional located in the Northeast region. As such, teams who did not sign up for the original tournament will be allowed to sign up, and no team signed up for the original will be automatically signed up or required to attend.  As with any other USQ tournament, rosters must be made of players eligible to play for their team at the time of the new tournament - enrollment will not carry over from the date of the originally canceled NERC.

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