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December Updates on Return to Play Guidelines

USQ’s risk management team has updated the stage 3 guidelines for events taking place in Texas, and made other updates based on new CDC guidance.

Update January 7, 2022

In anticipation of Sin City Classic I (which takes place January 15-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada next weekend), the risk management team has released additional safety protocols.

Mask Use

Masks are required indoors, per the Clark County public health mandate and festival requirements. This includes at social events hosted by the festival as well as any in-person indoor meetings hosted by USQ. 

Masks are optional outdoors. 

Per CDC guidance, masks should have two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric. It must completely cover the nose and mouth, fitting snugly against the face with no gaps. 

Testing Policies

Teams with players, coaches, or staff who are experiencing COVID symptoms, are exposed to COVID, or test positive for COVID between now and the tournament must report that information to USQ via the positive test form here

Individuals experiencing COVID symptoms should be tested immediately. 

Individuals who develop COVID symptoms after January 11 or test positive after January 11 are not eligible to participate in this event and are encouraged to stay home and not travel to Las Vegas for this event. Additionally, if an individual does not feel well in general, we recommend they stay home. 

If you develop symptoms or test positive before January 10, you may still be eligible to play. The risk management team will advise teams on a case-by-case basis in these situations, determining whether the individual can participate. This will depend on the person’s vaccination status, if they’ve had a booster, and whether or not they are showing symptoms. 

Booster Shots

We still strongly encourage individuals to get a booster shot, if they are eligible. 

Player Check-in and Captains Meeting

Player check-in will be held outdoors at the fields on Saturday, January 15 beginning at 7:30 am PT.

There will be a captains meeting on Friday evening at the Rio Hotel at 9 pm PT. Masks are required. For those not able to attend the Friday meeting, there will be another captains meeting on Saturday, January 16 at 8:15 am PT that will go over the same information. 


Email This email is monitored daily.

Since the release of the return to play guidelines for the 2021-22 season, USQ’s risk management team has continued to regularly review guidance from the CDC, as well as federal and state laws regarding COVID-19 and safety policies. As needed, USQ has issued several updates to indicate how these guidelines, laws, and new information will affect USQ activities and events. A log of return to play updates can be found on our website here

The updates below deal with a new policy for events taking place in Texas, as well as other changes and recommendations based on new guidance from the CDC. The full and complete return to play guidelines will have all the new information by early January 2022. We will post here when the guidelines have been updated.

New Policy for Events Taking Place in Texas

There is now a new policy for stage 3 events taking place in Texas, due to Executive Order No. GA-40, which was issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbot on October 11, 2021. Any individual participating in official and sanctioned events (stage 3) hosted in Texas will be required to submit proof of a negative COVID PCR test prior to every event they attend in the state. An individual who is fully vaccinated and has submitted proof of vaccination to USQ will be exempt from this requirement. This policy is subject to change if there are any changes to GA-40 or future executive orders issued by the state of Texas.

Please note: this update only applies to events taking place in the state of Texas. Texas-based teams traveling outside of the state for an event will need all individuals on their rosters to comply with the full guidelines for stage 3, which require all participants to be fully vaccinated unless they are approved for an exemption.

This change went into effect in October and teams attending events in Texas were notified of the policy shift. 

Updated Guidance for Testing Following Exposure to COVID-19

The CDC now recommends that fully vaccinated people wait 5-7 days after being exposed to take a COVID-19 test. We have updated our guidelines to reflect this. Teams will still have to wait a minimum of 5 days before resuming in-person activities again if there’s been a positive case or potential exposure on their team. We recommend that teams halt in-person activities beyond this 5 day period if test results are still pending.

Notification Timeline If Exposed to COVID-19

If there’s been confirmed or potential exposure to COVID-19 at a USQ-hosted, official, or sanctioned event, USQ notifies affected teams and members within a day of the league being notified. Going forward, staff will be sending a short email to teams and members within approximately 12 hours of being told, stating that there’s been a report and your team may have been exposed to COVID-19. A longer email with more information on next steps regarding testing and other safety protocols will be sent 6-12 hours after that.

Mask Requirements

Under stage 3, for events taking place outside or at an enhanced indoor facility, masks are no longer required. For events taking place in a standard indoor facility, masks are required for all participants. For spectators, masks are recommended but not required.

Booster Shots

Boosters are currently not required for the second half of the season. However, that’s subject to change based on guidance from the CDC. We strongly recommend that members get a booster shot, especially in the wake of more information about the omicron variant. 

PCR vs Antigen Tests

Whenever someone is required or recommended to take a COVID-19 test under USQ’s return to play guidelines, we always state that only a PCR test may be accepted. We’re aiming to find out two important pieces of information with a COVID-19 test: 1) does this person currently have COVID-19? and 2) could this person have had COVID-19 in the last few days? PCR tests are more sensitive than rapid antigen tests, and are more likely to provide an accurate answer to both these questions.

When seeking out a PCR test, remember that you likely can’t do one at home. The results of a PCR test have to be processed by a lab, unlike take home rapid antigen tests. Results from a lab PCR test typically take a few days to come in. However, there are rapid PCR tests that provide results in around a few hours.

Sin City Classic

We are in conversations with Sin City Classic organizers, and also actively monitoring COVID-19 cases around the country and in Clark County, Nevada, where Sin City Classic I is scheduled to take place January 15-16, 2022. At this time, the event will happen as scheduled. This tournament will fall under stage 3 of the return to play guidelines and all attendees will be required to be fully vaccinated unless approved for a religious or medical exemption. As with the first half of the season, proof of vaccination must be submitted through this form no later than 24 hours before a player’s first official event. Those seeking an exemption must submit an application for exemption at least one week prior to the event.

Clark County has an indoor mask mandate, and masks must be worn at all times indoors except when eating or drinking. This includes at the social events hosted by the larger Sin CIty Classic festival, like the opening and closing parties.