USQ Update

USQ Update

Officials Grant Fundraiser

USQ is creating a fundraiser in support of non-playing officials attending 2022 US Quidditch Cup.

US Quidditch events have long relied on players and coaches to step up and officiate the games—otherwise, we could not have our events. While their contributions are valuable and highly appreciated, this arrangement is unusual in sports where, ideally, players and coaches only participate in those respective roles. It will likely be some time before  we can reach the point where all game officials are unaffiliated with any teams at an event, our community has been progressing in this direction for the last few years and an increasing number of officials have travelled to events solely to officiate. 

In most cases, these are USQ members who choose to do this when they are not already involved as coaches or players at a particular event. For some, officiating allows them to still engage in events where their teams will not be competing. Others have chosen to stay engaged in the sport by officiating after they have retired as players.

There can be many reasons to benefit from participating in an officiating capacity and, by doing so, these individuals serve a valuable role in our community. They bring their passion and energy to events, deepen their relationship with the sport, and reduce the burden on teams to provide officials. Sometimes they even help prevent situations where events would otherwise have to be cancelled or  heavily modified. Because it is such a vital element of our events and elevates the experience for everyone, USQ is creating a fundraiser to support these officials.  The goal is to provide transportation for non-playing officials to USQ’s premier event of the year, the 2022 US Quidditch Cup. The initial fundraising target of $3,500 will support the travel funds for 10 officials (5 certified head referees and 5 certified snitch runners). If this target is exceeded, we will continue to raise funds towards a stretch target of $7,000—which would provide funding for an additional 5 head referees and 5 snitch runners. All funds will go directly to the travel expenses of our non-playing officials. As USQ is a 501c3 nonprofit, donations to this grant program are tax deductible.

This initiative was started by Michael Clark-Polner, a head referee  who has joined USQ as a volunteer to help run both the fundraiser and the officials’ travel assistance program it will support. Michael, along with  USQ’s advancement team and member services department, will raise funds through the end of November. Depending on its success, a second round of fundraising may occur in early 2022.

Certified head referees and snitch runners who will not be players, coaches, or staff on any team at the 2022 US Quidditch Cup will be able to apply for funding starting in January 2022. Contact if you’d like to be notified when program details are available. 

USQ hopes you will help us show these officiants that the entire quidditch community appreciates their contributions to our game. As a community, we can help them get to our league’s premier event and elevate the experience for our athletes, coaches, officiants, and supporters alike.


If you’d like to make your donation another way (e.g., via check, Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo), please contact