USQ Update

Schedule Released for 2021 Northeast Regional Championship

Due to inclement weather, the decision has been made to cancel NERC 2021 scheduled for October 30-31 in Warwick, Rhode Island. 

Update as of 10/27/21: 

Northeast Regional Championship, scheduled for October 30-31 in Warwick, Rhode Island, is officially canceled due to inclement weather. This decision was made by Executive Director, Mary Kimball; Director of Events & Partnerships, Laura Porth; Gameplay Manager and Northeast Regional Coordinator, Christian Barnes; and Strategic Planning Manager, Megan Anderson. 

This week has resulted in several inches of rain that have unfortunately flooded the fields at Bend Street Field Complex in Warwick, RI. There is anticipation for more rain between now and the end of this weekend, in addition to high winds and continued drop in temperature. We have exhausted our options with our city partners, looking for an indoor venue, but none are available at this time. Due to this, we have decided to cancel this event in advance, for the safety of our athletes, officials, and staff. This being the first regional championship in the northeast since 2019, USQ’s goal is to make it a positive experience for all involved. With the current and anticipated weather, we felt as if this would not be possible in these conditions. 

Team leaders are invited to join a meeting to discuss next steps further, as we would like teams to have input on the decision of whether to reschedule or to look for an alternate solution to this cancellation. You can share your availability for this meeting via this link here.

Any questions can be directed to and through Northeast Regional Coordinator Christian Barnes. 


The 2021 USQ Northeast Regional Championship will be a pool play into bracket play tournament for collegiate teams.  The club division is a seven-team partial round robin into bracket play tournament. 

The Saturday gameplay schedule can be found here, and the Sunday schedule can be found here, while information on the regional championship can be found here for collegiate and here for club. RSVP to the Facebook event to get more updates. The official schedule will be released at a later date.


As outlined in the Bid Explanation here,  the number of bids is determined by the number of teams registered two weeks before the event. Two weeks before Northeast Regional Championships, the following thirteen teams had registered for the event: Boston University Quidditch, Brandeis Quidditch, Brown Bears Quidditch, Clark University Ravenclarks, Emerson College Quidditch, Harvard Horntails, Middlebury College Quidditch, MIT Marauders, RPI Quidditch, Rutgers University Quidditch, Tufts University Tufflepuffs, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and University of Vermont Quidditch Club. With thirteen teams, there would be five bids available. Clark University Ravenclarks  dropped after the deadline, so there will be twelve teams competing for five bids at the Northeast Regional Championships.

The teams will initially participate in pool play in four pools (A, B, C, D) of three teams each.  After the first set of games is complete, the twelve teams will be reseeded into three new pools (E, F, G).  The winners of each A, B, C and D will be in pool E, second places will be in pool F, and third place in each will be in pool G. Teams will then play through those new pools Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning, all twelve teams will continue on to a stacked bracket structure to determine the collegiate regional champion as well as the five collegiate teams who qualify for the 2022 US Quidditch Cup. To learn more about qualifications, please see this article

The initial pools for the collegiate division are as follows (listed in alphabetical order):

Pool A: Harvard Horntails, MIT Marauders, Tufts University Tufflepuffs

Pool B: Middlebury College Quidditch, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Vermont Quidditch Club

Pool C: Emerson College Quidditch, RPI Quidditch, Rutgers University Quidditch 

Pool D: Boston University Quidditch, Brandeis Quidditch, Brown Bears Quidditch 

On Sunday, all twelve teams will make it into bracket play; however while the bottom two teams can compete for bids, they are out of championship contention.  There will be a set of four ladder brackets stacked based on Saturday’s performance.  In the championship bracket, the top two teams from Saturday’s pools will have a bye to the semifinals; seeds three and four will automatically compete in the quarterfinals, five and six will start the next round out, and seven through ten will play in the first round. The eleventh and twelfth seeds will begin in the first rounds of the secondary brackets, where the losers of the championship bracket will drop down to continue competing for bids.  The five bids will be distributed to the teams who win the championship bracket semifinals, the teams who win each of the two secondary brackets, as well as a fifth team determined by a game between the loser of each secondary bracket bid game.  Additionally, the winners of the championship semifinals will play for the regional championship.

The original ranked list was divided into three pots by seed, and each pool had one team randomly drawn from each pot. The rankings were based on the USQ standings, per the rankings algorithm described here. Not all teams have played games yet; teams that have not played games were listed below ranked teams in random order. The pots that teams were drawn from are as follows, listed in alphabetical order:

Pot 1: Brown Bears Quidditch, Middlebury College Quidditch, RPI Quidditch, Tufts University Tufflepuffs

Pot 2: Brandeis Quidditch, Harvard Horntails, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Rutgers University Quidditch

Pot 3: Boston University Quidditch, Emerson College Quidditch, MIT Marauders, University of Vermont Quidditch


The club event will take place on Saturday only and club teams will participate initially in an incomplete round robin. Matchups were chosen based on standings, geography, and minimizing rematches of games already played this season. The top four club teams after this round will move on to a single elimination four-team bracket to determine a champion.

The seven club teams competing at this event are (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Atlantic Dragons
  • Bosnyan Bearsharks
  • Boston Pandas
  • Boston Red Pandas
  • Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club
  • Skyline Quidditch
  • The Warriors

The Rogues were originally signed up but will not be competing at NERC. 


Rankings during the tournament will be based on the USQ tiebreaker policy. The primary comparison will be win percentage, followed by head-to-head, then win record at end of seeker floor, then quaffle points against, then quaffle points for, and then snitch catch percentage.

Please note that the USQ forfeit procedure will be in effect during this event. Teams who forfeit a match may be required to forfeit the remainder of their scheduled games and may be subject to disqualification from the remainder of the tournament. Teams who are disqualified from their regional championship are ineligible to compete at US Quidditch Cup through either a bid earned at the regional championship or an at large bid. This includes bids that were already earned at the event prior to the disqualification.

  • Forfeits done in game are reviewed on a case-by-case basis for both forfeiting the rest of the tournament and disqualification.
  • Forfeits due to violations of tournament policy will always result in automatic disqualification.
  • Forfeits done before the game begins will always cause the team to forfeit the rest of the tournament, and will be reviewed for disqualification.

Questions about the gameplay format, schedule, or event in general can be directed to