USQ Update

USQ Update

Collegiate Nationals Bid Distribution Update

USQ’s gameplay department shares an explanation of the updated college nationals bid distribution process for the 2021-22 season.

The number of bids awarded at regionals for the 2021-22 season will be determined by the number of teams signed up two weeks out from the event. Each regional tournament will award a minimum of three bids, increasing by one additional bid every third additional team.  The total team count is rounded such that once a regional has ten teams signed up, four bids will be awarded, thirteen will get five, sixteen will get six, and so on.

The USQ gameplay team determined this policy while evaluating the league’s return from COVID-19.  Gameplay anticipated that removing geographic restrictions on regional attendance would both enable teams to more easily attend events in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions specific to their own team or locality as well as make the number of teams attending each event less predictable by the league. As such, the past method of distributing the majority of nationals bids at the beginning of the season based on team sign ups would likely be too inaccurate to the number of teams actually attending each tournament.

In addition, by the start of the season gameplay still did not know how many teams would return and how quickly. To mitigate that uncertainty and prepare for the possibility that teams would be more able to build a fuller schedule throughout the season, rather than be immediately ready for early regionals, gameplay expects to distribute fewer bids overall at regionals and more bids using the at-large method.  This is also in line with a longer term gameplay goal of making season play continue to matter outside of fall regionals.

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