Tournament Director Certification and Event Sanctioning for 2021-22 Season

Information on tournament direction certification for the new season is now available.

USQ’s TD certification program ensures that event organizers understand USQ policies and best practices for event planning and operations. We encourage all those running quidditch events to participate in the certification program. There is no cost to become a USQ certified TD. 

To sign-up for the program, please fill out this form before attempting the certification assessment.

Certification Process

This year, there is only one assessment option. Everyone looking to be a certified TD for the 2021-22 season must take a full certification quiz. TDs must receive a score of 80% or higher to pass. As with all USQ quizzes, TDs must wait 24 hours in between test attempts. This quiz will be available on September 10, 2021 until June 30, 2022. 

In previous years, TDs had an option to take a shorter written assessment in order to recertify. Due to not having a 2020-21 season, all TDs must take the full certification assessment to ensure they retained full mastery of the material.

 All TDs involved with planning and running a USQ official and/or sanctioned event must be certified at least one week before their tournament. Exceptions to this policy may be made in the case of an emergency. 

The TD Training Manual has been updated since the 2019-20 season. These changes include new information on steps to running a successful tournament, how to schedule officials and games, and post-event duties.  Later on in the season, we will release new resources in all areas of event planning and scheduling, which will be found on our website here

Dedicated TD Rule

Due to COVID-19 and the possible lack of available non-playing TDs for the 2021-22 season, the TD team has updated the dedicated TD Rule for official events. Each event will still need to have a certified TD organizing the tournament. For tournaments with six or fewer teams, the certified tournament director who is organizing the event may also have another role at the event (e.g. player, referee, coach, etc.). For tournaments with more than six teams, there must be at least one certified TD who is not playing at all times. The non-playing certified TD does not need to be exclusively one person who serves in that role for the entire duration of the event. The non-played TD can change between multiple certified TDs throughout the event. 

Return to Play Policies

On-site TDs for official and sanctioned events must be fully vaccinated or approved for a medical or religious exemption, per USQ’s return to play guidelines. If a TD is approved for an exemption, then they must submit proof of a negative COVID PCR test to USQ 24 hours in advance. TDs shall follow the same attestment and verification procedures as players and officials. More information on that process is available here.

New Discord Channel

Certified TDs will be invited to join a private channel on Discord. TDs will be able to talk to each other as well as those on USQ staff about any questions or concerns they may have. This Discord channel will replace the Certified TD Facebook group and Slack channel that were used in previous seasons.

Volunteer Opportunities

USQ is currently looking for volunteers to serve as year-round TD Program Coordinators and TD Support Coordinators, to help build out the program and provide support to tournament directors. More information on these roles email Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the season. 

For questions, email


Event Sanctioning

Events of all kinds may still apply for sanctioning in order to receive insurance coverage, financial support, and other benefits. Full information is available here

Insurance Coverage

All sanctioned events are covered under USQ’s accident insurance policy. If you are approved for sanctioning, all participants in your tournament must do one of the following at least 24 hours in advance of the tournament start time:

  1. Purchase USQ membership
  2. Pay the $10 non-member sanctioned event fee

Additionally, sanctioned events are eligible for insurance coverage under USQ’s general liability policy. USQ can provide a certificate of insurance at no additional cost that provides proof of insurance for a facility, city, park and recreation district, etc. Naming an entity as additional insured may be available upon request. 

Please note that unofficial events requesting insurance coverage and field testing will have to follow both the requirements for sanctioning as well as the requirements for field tests at unofficial events.

Financial Support Grants

TDs can apply for grants to aid in hosting their tournament. Grants will be awarded to events that provide significant support and expanded competitive opportunities to teams and members following the pandemic.  

The deadlines and application process are available on this page under “Application Deadlines.” Please note that grant applications for events from September 15-October 31 are due ASAP. 

Field Testing and Sanctioning Requirement

Field testing is now open to unofficial events. Sanctioning is no longer required. The guidelines are the same as last season. Unofficial events may be approved for referee field testing provided they meet the following additional requirements: 

  1. Have a USQ Referee Coordinator in attendance
  2. Have 5 or more teams competing
  3. Follow the current USQ or Major League Quidditch rules
  4. Have all rulebook-required official positions filled during each field test. The required referee positions are:
    1. A certified lead assistant referee, at least one assistant referee, a snitch runner, a scorekeeper, and a timekeeper

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