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September Updates on Return to Play Guidelines

Additional updates on return to play, including a new temporary policy for partially unvaccinated people.

USQ’s risk management team is releasing additional updates on return to play. This update will primarily address a new temporary policy for partially vaccinated people and an updated policy for what to do if your team has a positive case of COVID. These changes go into effect immediately. 

General Reminders

All teams need to fill out the team practice form prior to resuming in-person activities. If your team wishes to move into stage 2 and your state does not currently meet baseline conditions, you can apply for the vaccination waiver program

For individuals wishing to participate in events under stage 3, you can affirm your vaccination status and submit proof of vaccination now, even before you upgrade your membership to an adult player, referee, etc. To affirm your vaccination status, login to your account on the USQ website, then click on ‘My Profile.’ Scroll to the bottom of the page to affirm if you are vaccinated or not. To submit proof of vaccination, fill out the form here, and staff will update your USQ profile.

Later this month, the USQ risk management team will be releasing a webinar on the Return to Play guidelines. To submit questions, you may email or fill out this form

The full Return to Play guidelines can be downloaded here

Assistance Verifying Vaccination Status for Stage 2

If your team needs help verifying the vaccination status of players for the vaccination waiver program, please contact us at The risk management team will set up a private spreadsheet for your team and assist you in verifying the vaccination status of players. This assistance is especially geared towards college teams who may be prohibited from inquiring about the vaccination status of players and other affiliated individuals due to school policy or other applicable laws.

Temporary Exemption for Partially Vaccinated Players

To encourage vaccinations and help teams with recruitment, the USQ Risk Management Team is creating a pathway for partially vaccinated players to participate in activities in stages 2 and 3.

"Public health is about protecting the health of a community. When it comes to an infectious disease, community members must rely on each other to be safe. This means that it is important to be aware of how our actions affect each other and that we must be considerate and care for the well-being of fellow community members," said Rebecca Martin, USQ Risk Management Team Lead. 

One of the ways we can take care of one another is by supporting members to get vaccinated. Vaccinations are effective at protecting people from COVID-19, especially for preventing severe illness and death. They also reduce the spread of the virus.

Partially vaccinated means that someone has gotten one dose of a two-dose vaccine like Pfizer or Moderna. From today until October 22, the following rules are in effect for partially vaccinated people:

  • Stage 2: After you have gotten your first shot, you can freely take part in activities under stage 2. The team vaccination waiver program is temporarily changing and from now through October 22, 70% of a team's roster must be either partially or fully vaccinated. Note that you will still be required to wear a mask at in-person team events under stage 2 until you're fully vaccinated.
    • After October 22, the waiver program will return to normal and only include players who are fully vaccinated.
  • Stage 3: After you have received your first shot, you may go to stage 3 events with proof of a negative COVID PCR test. The test must be taken within 72 hours of the event and the results submitted to USQ at least 24 hours before the event.

Tournament directors and teams may choose to have stricter standards than these for partially vaccinated players. However, as with the rest of the return to play guidelines, they cannot be more relaxed than USQ's standards.

To participate in this program, players must fill out this form. Note that this program expires on October 22. After that time, players must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated or be approved for an exemption.

Updated Procedure for Teams With Positive Cases of COVID-19

This updated procedure reflects revised CDC guidelines on how to quarantine and isolate following exposure or a positive case result of COVID-19. 

If a team has a positive case(s), they will need to cease all in-person activities for at least 5 days after exposure. 

Anyone on the team who was exposed to the person with the positive case needs to take a COVID test and test negative or wait at least 10 days before resuming activities with the team again. Those exposed cannot attend in-person events until they can show proof of a negative test or go through the minimum waiting period. 

For vaccinated people, the test should be taken 3-5 days after exposure and if the test result is negative, they may attend events 5 days after exposure.

For unvaccinated people, the test should be taken at least 5 days after exposure and if the test result is negative, they can attend events after 7 days, 2 days past what is referenced above. 

If a vaccinated or unvaccinated person is not able to get a COVID test, then they must wait 10 days before resuming in-person activities with the team. Anyone who may have been exposed should wear a mask indoors in public for 14 days following exposure or until their test result is negative.

If after testing there are more positive cases, then individuals must do one of the following, depending on if they are showing symptoms or not. If someone is showing symptoms, they attend in-person events again after all of the following are true:

  • 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
  • 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and
  • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving

If someone is not showing symptoms, they can attend in-person events again 10 days after exposure. More information on this process is available on the CDC website