USQ Update

USQ Update

How to Participate in Welcome Weekend 2021

This weekend, USQ is hosting a virtual Welcome Weekend to kick off the 2021-22 season. Meet community members and USQ staff and get tips on special topics like team development, event organizing, gameplay, and more. Plus learn how to review game film!

USQ is kicking off the 2021-22 season with a virtual welcome weekend from Friday-Sunday! Join us as we go over our plans for the upcoming season and host various sessions ranging from film review to getting to know your regional coordinator to navigating quidditch in 2021.

How to Watch

Nearly all programming will be live-streamed on Twitch. Attendees can also participate through Zoom. To sign up to attend through Zoom, fill out this form or email to be sent the links. Select panels will be available on YouTube next week. 

Updates will be posted throughout the weekend to the Facebook event


All times are in ET. 

  • Friday, September 17
    • 7pm: welcome session with USQ Executive Director Mary Kimball, featuring the release of ‘The Road to Nationals’
    • 7:30pm: panel, ‘Training New Leaders in 2021’ with Mary Kimball, USQ Member Services Team Lead Rhianna Horner, USQ Director of Events and Partnerships Laura Porth, and USQ External Events Manager Elizabeth Barcelos
      • Learn how to handle team and event management from members of USQ staff. We’ll talk about running practices, ensuring a smooth leadership transition, booking fields, working with university administrations instead of against them, and more. 
  • Saturday, September 18
    • 6:10pm: panel, ‘Get to Know Your Regional Coordinator’ with USQ Regional Coordinators 
      • Regional coordinators are a team’s connection to USQ. There is at least one per region. Learn who your regional coordinator is and hear how they can help your team have a successful season.
    • 7pm: game night, hosted by USQ staff including Youth Coordinator and Philadelphia Quidditch Conference Commissioner Michael Rodriguez and Mary Kimball
  • Sunday, September 19
    • 12:40-3:50pm: small group sessions facilitated by USQ Board Member and former DEI Coordinator Brandi Cannon
      • This is a time for players with common identities to meet one another and have conversations. These programs will not be streamed on Twitch. 
      • 12:40pm: BIPOC small group session
      • 1:50pm: LGTBQIA+  small group session
      • 3pm: underrepresented genders small group session
    • 4pm: film review with Serena Monteiro from Fast Break News
      • Learn how to watch game film with veteran player Serena Monteiro. Monteiro has played for Tufts and for MLQ’s Boston Forge, and was part of the inaugural USNTDA class in 2018. She currently plays for the Boston Pandas.
    • 5:30pm: panel, ‘Rules Review and Gameplay Policies’ with USQ Gameplay Department
      • This session will help new and returning players refresh their knowledge of the rules after a season and a half of non-play. The panelists will also go over new/semi-recent rule changes and any other regulation changes that go into effect at the start of the new season.
    • 6:30pm: panel, ‘Officiating and Snitching: Back to the Pitch’ with USQ Gameplay Department
      • Learn more about the different types of referees, how to pass the tests and meet team requirements, best practices for snitching, and how your team can utilize non-playing teammates in the context of officiating.
    • 7:15pm: closing session with Mary Kimball