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August Update on Return to Play Guidelines

In response to new CDC guidelines around mask wearing, USQ’s risk management team is issuing updated recommendations for indoor events taking place this summer.

In late July, the CDC issued new guidelines for fully vaccinated people in regards to mask wearing in response to new concerns arising from the Delta variant of COVID-19. USQ’s return to play guidelines are aligned with the CDC, and as such, our risk management team has updated recommendations for those holding and attending indoor events this summer. 

When to Wear A Mask

If you’re located in a county with substantial or high community transmission of COVID, we strongly recommend you wear masks indoors for team events, regardless of vaccination status. Tournament directors holding indoor events are advised to make masks required. To determine if your county falls under the threshold for substantial or high transmission, go to the CDC’s website here

Everyone should follow county and local public health mandates if stricter than USQ policies. Even if there is not a public health mandate, we still recommend wearing a mask indoors in affected areas as per CDC guidelines.

For outdoor events, our recommendations and requirements have not changed. Masks remain optional for events taking place outside. 

Reporting Positive Cases of COVID-19

As a reminder, teams are required to report positive cases of COVID-19 to USQ via this form. If there is a positive case of COVID-19, then the team will move down to Stage 0. During this time, the team is prohibited from holding any in-person activities. This includes activities with players who may not have been exposed. If after the 14 day period there are no new positive cases, the team may resume activities in Stage 2. After an additional 14 days, if the other baseline conditions are met, the team may go back to the stage they were in before the positive case. 

Additional guidance on the quarantine and isolation process is available in the full return to play guidelines in the section Reporting Positive Cases of COVID-19. Teams can also refer to the CDC website here

Fall Events

Full information on return to play guidelines for the fall will be available at the end of August. This will include guidance for all events, including fall USQ regional championships

If you are planning on hosting an official or sanctioned event next season and haven’t been contacted by USQ already in regards to the event’s status and tentative date, please fill out this form so that we can notify you when more information is available on the status of official return to play and other important updates.  

Return to Play Guidelines

The full return to play guidelines have been updated with the information above. For questions, email