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May updates on return to play

USQ’s risk management team has made some updates to the return to play guidelines, and would like to remind teams on important safety requirements.

USQ’s risk management team has made some updates to the return to play guidelines, and would like to remind teams on important safety requirements. We will be releasing another update to these guidelines in June, with additional guidance for summer events like fantasy tournaments and pickup games.

Return to Play Guidelines

The full return to play guidelines have been updated with the information below. Additionally, some of the information has been rearranged to make it easier to understand. 

Baseline Conditions

To progress into stage 3 or beyond, a team needs to meet several baseline conditions or be approved for a vaccination waiver. After reviewing case trends for the past several months, USQ’s risk management team has decided to make a slight adjustment to a baseline condition. Effective immediately, the state a team is practicing in must have less than a 30% increase in positive cases across 7 days. The other baseline conditions, including the positive case ratios, are staying the same. 

Expansion of Vaccination Waiver Program

In response to recent CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals, the vaccination waiver program is expanding. For teams approved for a waiver by USQ, which allows for play in stages 3 and 4 for vaccinated individuals, masks and social distancing are optional for outdoor and indoor practices and events. If a group is mixed, with both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals, then the event must follow the full safety restrictions listed in the return to play guidelines PDF. We encourage teams to be supportive of players who may still wish to wear a mask even when it is not required. 

Additionally, those approved for a waiver may have indoor events in a standard facility, with the same attendee and contact limits as an enhanced facility in stages 3 and 4. The return to play guidelines PDF has more information on an enhanced vs standard indoor facility.

These are updates per the last return to play update in March. Information on how to apply for the vaccination waiver program is further in the article.

Tracking Case Numbers

Want to see if your state is able to have activities in stage 3 and beyond? The COVID team tracking page on our website pulls data from the CDC and applies it to each team. 

Important Safety Requirements

Players and teams must follow USQ’s return to play guidelines in their entirety, even if they are located in a state that is relaxing safety requirements. This includes wearing a mask if required. Likewise, if a team is participating in USQ’s vaccination waiver program and the state/local area has public health guidelines that are stricter, then those take precedence. These guidelines are intended to be for anyone wishing to play quidditch in the United States, and we encourage everyone to follow them.

The full return to play guidelines, stages, and baseline requirements can be downloaded here. They are also available on our website. Teams holding practices or games at a given stage must submit this checklist form to the member services department when they first begin holding in-person activities. 

Apply for the Vaccination Waiver Program

To apply for the vaccination waiver, a coach or manager must submit this form to USQ confirming that they have verified the vaccination status of everyone in that team or practice group. The form must be submitted at least 3 business days before the team’s in-person activity in stage 3. USQ’s member services department will review the form and email the team back stating if they have been approved or not for the vaccine waiver. 

A person is considered fully vaccinated if it has been at least 2 weeks from the last dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or at least 2 weeks from the first dose of a single dose vaccine like Johnson & Johnson. 

MLQ and USQ Guidelines

For those participating in Major League Quidditch this summer, MLQ team and players are required to follow MLQ return to play guidelines, which are available here. USQ and MLQ have been collaborating extensively on return to play, though our policies differ slightly. Please note that players participating in MLQ activities within MLQ’s return to play guidelines will not be considered in violation of USQ’s policies, and vice versa. 


The charts below are in the full return to play guidelines, and may be downloaded as a PDF here.

Baseline Conditions

To move up into stage 1 and higher, a team must meet the baseline conditions. These are based on the state a team is located in, and if applicable, the state a team is traveling to.


Details of Each Stage



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