USQ Update

USQ Update

US National Team Updates

The US National Team (USNT) shares updates regarding selection periods.

US national team

With the cancellation of IQA Continental Games for the 2021 season and plans for IQA World Cup still being undetermined, the US National Team (USNT) has decided not to alter the current standing team this spring. 

“We have no idea what shape athletes are in or what improvements or deterioration may have taken place within their playing abilities over the last year plus without quidditch. Through discussion, we found it best to postpone making any decisions about the USNT until a later date to give everyone a better opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities, while also making sure we maximize our time in creating the best team to represent the US,” said USNT Head Coach Michael “Yada” Parada.

The next USNT cut/add period is projected for late August, following the 2021 Major League Quidditch Championship, should the event take place as planned. At this time, MLQ has not expressed risk of cancellation.


After extensive discussion, Parada and USNTDA Head Coach Azeem Hussain have decided to accept new members for the US National Team Developmental Academy (USNTDA). 

“There is still a lot of growth and development that can happen for the USNTDA during this time, despite the lack of a USQ season. We’re looking forward to continuing to help the DA playerbase grow through various tactics and excited to build on it in the future. The lack of a hard cap for the USNTDA gives us the freedom to make decisions a little earlier than the National Team,” said Hussain.

The individuals selected for the USNTDA will be announced by May 15. 

Typically, USNTDA requires members of each class have been registered members of a USQ college team during the season prior. Given the effects of COVID-19 on our sport, we will be making further exceptions to this rule. This means those that were part of the 2019 class and those that applied for the 2020-21 application period will be eligible for the upcoming class without also being required to have been an enrolled college student in 2020-21.

Summer 2019 was the pilot for the USNTDA; 18 college athletes were offered a spot based on their performance throughout the season and seven accepted those offers.

Lastly, our staff hopes to begin interviewing qualified candidates for the roles of USNTDA coordinator and USNTDA assistant coach this summer. If you would like to apply, we ask that you do so by June 1, 2021.


Those that applied for the USNT and those that applied to the USNTDA (and do not get selected) during the 2020-21 period will be offered the opportunity to update their applications either following MLQ Championship—if they are located within the MLQ radius—or during the next relevant drop/add period.

The USNT hopes to hold training camps once again beginning late fall/early winter; however, this decision will be dependent upon the ability to safely do so. If needed and able, the USNT will hold training camps exclusive to local athletes so as not to have parties from multiple states gathering in a single area. In that scenario, current standing team players, much like in the past, will be extended an open invitation to run the camps.

Possible training camp locations have not been identified at this time, given the lack of clarity around fall events.


For additional questions on the USNT program, please email USNT Coordinator and Team Lead Amanda Dallas at More info on the USNT and the current members and staff can be found here.