Quidditch Cup

USQ Announces the Official Schedule for US Quidditch Cup 13: FROM HOME

US Quidditch is excited to announce the official competition schedule and list of players for US Quidditch Cup 13: FROM HOME.

Competitors from all our regions, and from outside the US, will be battling to crown themselves the champion of US Quidditch Cup 13: FROM HOME, our Among Us tournament brought to you by Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau and VII Apparel.

Participants will be competing in four qualifier matches, taking place on Saturday and Sunday nights throughout March and April. The top competitors from each night will move on to the championship, which will take place the weekend of April 17.  For more information about how they will be scored, as well as how they will be chosen to advance to the championship match, please visit the rules document. All games will be streamed on USQ’s Twitch channel.

Official Schedule

Match 1 - Sunday, March 21 - 7PM EST

  • Colin Bourn - WVU Summit (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Dany Yaacoub - Chicago United Quidditch Club (Midwest)
  • Eden Skye Einhorn - Drexel University Quidditch Club (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Jeannette High - Ohio Apollos (Great Lakes)
  • Joseph Lombardi (Northeast)
  • Juan Rivera Plata - Michigan Quidditch Team (Great Lakes)
  • Justin Kraemer - Quidditch Club at Virginia Tech (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Karleigh Jones
  • Lacey Hutchman - Ohio Apollos (Great Lakes)
  • Tyler Dunning - Bobcat Quidditch (Southwest)

Match 2 - Sunday, March 28 - 6PM EST

  • Brandon Borges - Ann Arbor Army Ants (Great Lakes)
  • Chris “Champo” Champitto - New York Nocturns (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Christopher Hamel - University of North Carolina Wilmington (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Emanuele Alessandri (Italia Quidditch & UK Quidditch)
  • Jacob Keith - Rain City Raptors (Northwest)
  • Katie Ely - Ohio Apollos (Great Lakes)
  • Lindsey Rivers - Wizengamot Quidditch At VCU (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Matthew Ignao - California Dobbys (West)
  • Nicolò Cerri (Italia Quidditch)
  • Sam Buchholz - Chicago United Quidditch Club (Midwest)

Match 3 - Saturday, April 3 - 7PM EST

  • Angela McLean - Wizengamot Quidditch At VCU (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Annabelle Jones - Appalachian State Quidditch (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Christopher Gittings - Ohio Apollos (Great Lakes)
  • Drew Weiler - Ohio Apollos (Great Lakes)
  • Ethan Adler - RIT Dark Marks (Northeast)
  • Jacob Ellis - California Dobbys (West)
  • Marek Bugaj - New York Quidditch Club (Northeast)
  • Nicolas Roman - Bobcat Quidditch (Southwest)
  • Roxana Johnson - Appalachian State Quidditch (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Tristan West (West)

Match 4 - Saturday, April 10 - 8PM EST

  • Casey Lamrouex (South)
  • Chelsey Davis (West)
  • Garrett Beaverson - Ohio University Quidditch Club (Great Lakes)
  • Isabella Gong (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Izzie Torres - MIT Marauders (Northeast)
  • Jacob Rosenfield - Appalachian State Quidditch (Mid-Atlantic)
  • Kendrick Ushera-Surrell - The Lost Boys Quidditch Club (West)
  • Nathan Andrew Archer (South)
  • Roarke McAllister - Michigan State Quidditch (Great Lakes)
  • Vincent Reyes - Mizzou Club Quidditch (Midwest)

The championship match date and time will be set on April 13, and is dependent on the qualifier’s availability.

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Thank You!

This event also would not be possible without the hard work of all of our USQ staff members involved - Faby Echeverria, Jeremy Schleicher, and Michael O'Connor who organized the logistics and marketing for this event; plus a thank you to Naresh Edala and Fiona Wisehart for sparking this idea. Lastly, thank you to those who signed up - we are all looking forward to you all competing together!

For questions, please email