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USQ Speaks Out Against HB302 and HB92 in Utah

US Quidditch is against gender-based discrimination, including House Bill 302 in Utah and similar such legislation being considered in states across the country.

The mission of US Quidditch is to organize events and programs that build community and empower adult and youth athletes of all identities, including all races and genders, to compete together. Our sport is mixed gender. Gender inclusivity is built into our rulebook, and it is a value that is shared across the quidditch community worldwide. 

USQ strongly opposes gender-based discrimination in all forms, including recently proposed legislation in Utah, HB302 and HB92. As previously announced, the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah is scheduled to host the US Quidditch Cup in 2022. USQ expects a host city to be welcoming and safe for people for all backgrounds, including transgender people, gender non-conforming people, and Black, Indigeous, and People of Color, and we are concerned for the safety of our athletes, volunteers, officials, staff, and fans should this discriminatory legislation be signed into law in the state of Utah. 

In the latest version of USQ’s bid manual, new diversity, equity, and inclusion guidelines for host cities were introduced. As part of that update, we reiterated that the existence of discriminatory legislation or policies that restrict the rights of marginalized communities will disqualify a city from being eligible to host a USQ event. Should HB302 and HB92 be signed into law, USQ will be unable to host an event in the state of Utah.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox has indicated that he plans to veto these bills, if necessary. USQ strongly supports the governor’s decision to veto. If you are a resident of the state of Utah, we urge you to contact your state senator as well as the governor’s office to voice your opposition to these bills. Here is a template letter, which can be personalized.


The Utah House passed House Bill 302 (HB302) on February 17. The bill seeks to prohibit transgender youth from participating in all sports in public schools in Utah. House Bill 92 (HB92), which has stalled in the state legislature as of February 19, would bar physicians from performing certain medical procedures, including prescribing puberty blockers to transgender youth. This bill is part of a wave of legislation being introduced and passed in state houses around the country that targets transgender and gender non-conforming people, especially transgender youth in the areas of medical care and sports.

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