USQ Update

USQ Update

USQ February Staff Update

Meet our new volunteer staff members that joined USQ December and January, plus learn about our other staff updates!

We are so excited to have welcomed four new volunteers to the USQ team this December/January. If you see them at any upcoming events, please say hello to them! Additionally, eight members of staff have been promoted to a team lead, manager, or have had a shift in their responsibilities. If interested in joining USQ as a year-round staff volunteer, you can learn more about our available opportunities here

Quincy Hildreth, Merchandise Designer, Communications Department

Quincy Hildreth is a designer working in Atlanta, Georgia. He works to create innovative solutions that inspire and foster memorable relationships between brands and their clients.

Ben Hough, Livestream Coordinator, Communications Department

Ben Hough is so excited to join USQ as a livestream coordinator! He graduated college in 2019 (where he almost established a quidditch team, ask him about that later). Hough currently lives in Grand Rapids, MI where he’s a Field Support Engineer at a small IT company. In his free time, he loves to work on his small YouTube channel, learn new skills, and dedicate time to organizations he loves! He can't wait to meet everyone and get to work live-streaming, producing, and contributing to the sport of quidditch!

Diana Howard, Finance Coordinator, Office of the ED

Diana Howard is currently attending Appalachian State to get her masters in accounting, while also helping to run the Space Cowboys. This is Howards fifth year playing, and her second with the Cowboys. She’s excited to volunteer in accounting and be able to work from the client side before going to work as an auditor.

Natasha Sydor, Branding Coordinator, Communications Department

Natasha Sydor joined New York City club quidditch in 2015. In 2019, she created New York Quidditch Club ( with Christian Barnes and Tyler Walker, which serves a growing gap in the NYC area between casual and competitive club players of the sport. In 2020, she joined the leadership team of the Big Apple Quidditch Conference, a tri-state area governing body that orchestrates playing and development opportunities for college teams.

Outside of USQ, Sydor is a Global Campaign & Creative Manager at Amazon Advertising and a film/theater producer in NJ and NY.

Current USQ Staff Role Updates

Christian Barnes

Promoted to Gameplay Department Manager. He will continue in his role as Northeast Regional Coordinator. Barnes is also a member of the USQ Board of Directors.

Christian Barnes began his gameplay-related volunteering experience as a snitch in his first official USQ season (2013-14). A wrestler in high school, he found many skills transferred over and was happy to fill a valuable role that added fun to the game. As he watched and competed in more matches, Barnes grew to understand the importance and need for more dedicated officials in the sport. Although he began officiating at unofficial events and practices, Barnes rapidly developed as a referee and snitch and has served in both roles not only in his home region of the Northeast, but abroad, as well. He has received official recognition from the USQ referee team as a lead assistant referee for his performance in 2017 and as a head referee in spring 2020. As a snitch, Barnes was voted best snitch runner in the Northeast Regional Awards (2020). 

Barnes has also served as a USQ Certified Tournament Director since 2017, coordinating over 20 events and assisting at multiple regional and national championships. On the Major League Quidditch side of things, Barnes has served as the MLQ officials manager for two years and assisted at multiple MLQ Championships. As he moves into this new role with USQ, Barnes thinks back on winning the USQ National Spirit Award in spring 2020 and seeks to continuously earn that level of trust from the community. He hopes to use his experiences as a player, captain, coach, official, and volunteer to continue supporting the USQ Gameplay Department as they prepare for next season. As mentioned in the recent league update, the department plans to continue "making considerable shifts in transparency and assessing community input as we create new resources for players, officials, team leadership, and staff." A goal of which Barnes wholeheartedly supports and looks forward to fulfilling.

Chris Champitto

Adding Rules Team Liaison to their purview in addition to remaining in their role of Snitch Coordinator.

Chris “Champo” Champitto started playing quidditch in 2008 at their high school. Transitioning to collegiate quidditch at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Champitto continued their quidditch career on multiple season runs including getting to the elite eight at US Quidditch Cup. Graduating didn’t end Champitto’s quidditch career, moving into the club/summer divisions on a multitude of teams: DCQC, Gambits, Carolina Heat, and the Washington Admirals (MLQ).

Champitto has snitched in at least one regional championship in every region; officiating several semifinal and final games. They have also been chosen to snitch at three global games and gained notoriety in the quidditch community for shaving their head in the middle of snitching a game to confuse the seekers during the days of off pitch seeking.

Champitto is currently active duty in the Navy and a father to a very happy and “chunky” daughter, Emma-Payson. Champitto is excited to work with USQ on raising the standard of snitching in the sport and working toward the future of snitching.

Faby Echeverria

Promoted to Marketing & PR Manager. 

Photo By: Ajantha Abey

Faby Echeverria has been part of the quidditch community since 2014. They’ve been in an assortment of teams in the South region and had short stints in Catalonia and Boston. Since 2018, Echeverria has been part of the communications team splitting time between social media and merch design, as well as live coverage during nationals. Outside of USQ, Echeverria is a social media manager and content strategist. They spend their time taking photos of their husky and dreaming of garlic bread.

Naresh Edala

Adding Leadership Development Coordinator to his purview in addition to remaining in his role as Northeast Regional Coordinator.

Naresh Edala has played quidditch since the 2016-17 season, starting as a beater during his freshman year at Rutgers University before an injury forced him into the quaffle game. Edala is most proud of his work as Rutgers’s president, rebuilding the team into a competitive program after a brief forced separation from the college division. Returning from suspension with a 1-15 record, the Rutgers team shocked many with their level of play and managed to go 14-11 in the 2019-20 season. Qualifying for USQ Cup 13 was an amazing hurdle to cross his senior year after watching the team be shut down by the school his freshman year, and his love for the sport has only increased.

Rebecca Martin

Promoted to team lead for risk management.

Rebecca Martin has been a volunteer with USQ since February 2014. Martin has a Masters of Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan. She is passionate about keeping the community safe, whether it is stopping the spread of COVID-19 or reducing injuries on the pitch. She currently lives in Maryland, just minutes outside Washington, D.C. Outside of quidditch, Martin loves spending time with her cats and learning embroidery.

Tom ‘Chiddy’ Powers

Promoted to team lead for photography.


Chiddy Powers started playing quidditch in the spring of 2012 at Stockton University. While Stockton only held in-house tournaments for a few years, Powers helped start an unofficial team by the name of New Jersey Nargles who still play from time to time. He played for Stockton once the team became official, and then for RUQ (Reluctantly Unaffiliated Quidditch). He went on to help create and play for the Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club. As for photography experience, Powers started getting into photography in 2012. Since then, he’s received a minor in photography from Stockton, created a small photography business, freelanced for multiple companies, and continues to experiment with new techniques to expand on photography skills. 

Jeremy Schleicher

Promoted to Internal Events Manager. He will continue in his role as Volunteer Engagement Coordinator and Youth Team Coordinator.

Photo By: Audrey Wheeler

Jeremy Schleicher has been a member of USQ staff since 2014, serving on the event volunteer, volunteer engagement, crisis communications, and youth quidditch teams. As internal events manager, he will supervise spectator experience, event logistics, event volunteers, field managers, special programs, and partnerships team leads. Outside of quidditch, Schleicher is a project manager for Epic Systems, a role in which he strives to make positive, sustainable change within health IT.

Grace Weidemann

Promoted to team lead of regional coordinators.

Grace Weidemann previously served as Mid-Atlantic regional coordinator from 2020-21,  South regional coordinator from 2017 to 2020, and an events volunteer coordinator from 2016-2019. She started playing quidditch in 2014 as a freshman at the College of Charleston. At CofC she studied History, Religious Studies, and Women & Gender Studies. When she graduated in 2018, Weidemann joined Southern Storm and played with them during her year off between school. In 2019, she was accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill for a master’s program in Global Studies, specifically studying LGBTQ activism in Poland. Weidemann currently lives in Durham, NC with her two cats, Gus and Peri, and her fiancé Dylan. 

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