USQ Update

USQ Update

USQ December Staff Update

Meet our new volunteer staff members that joined USQ this past month and learn about our other staff updates!

We are so excited to have welcomed four new volunteers to the USQ volunteer team this November. If you see them at any upcoming events, please say hello to them! Additionally, 12 current members of our volunteer staff have been promoted to a team lead or have had a shift in their involvement. If interested in joining USQ as a year-round staff volunteer, you can learn more about our available opportunities here

Ashley Dolan, Rules Coordinator, Gameplay Department

Ashley Dolan has loved quidditch and the quidditch community for years. She currently plays for the Boston Pandas and has previously played for Skidmore Quidditch, RPI Quidditch, and MLQ Boston. Apart from quidditch, Dolan also loves rats and has kept them as pets. Like a rat, she also used to store her quidditch trophies in the ceiling of someone else’s bathroom. She is easily recognizable at any quidditch tournament due to her trademark trench coat, sunglasses, and frequent squeaking noises.

Alex Stewart, Southwest Regional Coordinator, Member Services Department

Alex Stewart started playing quidditch in the spring semester of her freshman year at Texas A&M. She played that year on The Silver Phoenix and became completely obsessed with the game. Stewart then played for Texas A&M for four years serving in various officer roles, including president and assistant coach and was lucky enough to have the chance to coach Silver the year after she graduated. She’s looking forward to supporting this community and helping this sport grow in hopes that other people can have the same experience she did.

Rebecca Uhrik, PR & Editorial Coordinator, Communications Department

Rebecca Uhrik is a senior at Stockton University majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations and a minor in multimedia design. Currently she is the captain of the Stockton University Quidditch team, which is unofficial. Uhrik has played quidditch for about three years on Stockton's team. She plays on the field as a chaser because she loves working together with team members to be able to score.

Jackie Ross, Survey Coordinator, Office of the Executive Director

Jackie Ross started the UNC-Greensboro quidditch team in 2010 and after graduation in 2014 continued to play as a club member until the 2018-2019 season. She served as USQ volunteer in a variety of roles including; the North and South Carolina State rep, a member of tournament staff for Mid-Atlantic Regionals, South Regionals, Southwest Regionals, and World Cup/Nationals from 2014-2016. Ross has a Masters of Science in Experimental Psychology where her thesis centered around the role club sports play in student retention. She currently works in higher education institutional research and effectiveness doing survey development and analysis, data analysis and strategic planning. Ross enjoys knitting and spending time with her dog Oak.

Current USQ Staff Role Updates

Jarrod Bailey: Promoted to team lead of snitch team.

Jarrod Bailey recently moved to the Northeast region from the West after six years of experience reffing, snitching and playing for Arizona State University, The Gambits, Phoenix Sol and The Diablos. One of his favorite snitching memories was going up against seekers from Australia, France, Germany, Canada and several others during the 2018 World Cup in Italy. Bailey aims to share his knowledge with the collegiate and club teams of his region at practices and tournaments in order to increase the talent and number of snitch volunteers over the current and upcoming seasons. On the weekends he enjoys a snitch-wich and a cold glass of butterbeer.

Christian Barnes: Adding Rules Team Liaison to his purview in addition to remaining in his roles as Northeast Regional Coordinator, Referee Coordinator, Snitch Coordinator. Barnes is also a member of the USQ Board of Directors. 

Photo By: Isabella Gong

Christian Barnes started playing quidditch during pick-up matches in New York City’s Central Park in 2013. Since then, Barnes continued to engage with the player base as a college player and leadership for the Macaulay Marauders (2013-2017) and The Rogues (2018-2019) before starting the New York Nocturns in 2019 with Tyler Walker and Natasha Sydor. The goal of NY Nocturns is to expand club quidditch in the NYC area.

Beginning in 2017 with his onboarding as a USQ Regional Coordinator, Barnes has prioritized improvement in communication between USQ and every level of player. Barnes has experience as every level of USQ stakeholder- player, captain, coach, conference leader, tournament director, referee, snitch, long term volunteer, regional and national championship staff. He brings an intersectional lens to all volunteer work across USQ and MLQ, including working with MLQ's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Team. After winning the USQ Spirit Award at the regional and national level last season, Barnes decided that applying for the Board of Directors was an important next step in connecting league decisions with the community of players. One of the first goals Barnes has is to continue conversations around racial diversity and inclusion within the sport. In his personal life, Barnes works for the NYC Department of Education, helping families with the high school admissions process. Barnes's hobbies include anime, comics, and finding a new show to binge. He currently volunteers with USQ in the member services department, as a Northeast regional coordinator, as well as in the gameplay department with both the referee and snitch teams.

Lexi Bedell: Promoted to team lead of youth team.

Born and raised in California then a Chicago transplant, Lexi Bedell first started playing quidditch for the Illinois State Firebirds in 2015. She then became president and tournament director (TD) the next season as well as helping TD post-graduation. After graduation, she moved to Kansas for graduate school where she managed MLQ's Kansas City Stampede in 2018. She then took a break from quidditch and finished her Masters at Kansas State in Children's Literature. Now, she is in Boston to attend Simmons for another Masters in Library Science -Youth Services and hopes to play again. Outside of school and quidditch, Bedell has consistently been working with youth in daycares, park districts, ABA therapy, tutoring, and nannying.

Brandi Cannon: Promoted to team lead of the diversity, equity, and inclusion team. Cannon is also a member of the USQ Board of Directors.


Brandi Cannon has been involved with the quidditch community since 2011, beginning with serving as leadership with her alum team Sam Houston State Bearkats. Since then she has volunteered in many roles, since 2012, including: state representative for Texas, event hospitality coordinator for both local and national tournaments, and tournament director throughout the years. Before her move to the Northeast she and her postgraduate friends formed the Houston Cosmos. She now mostly focuses on outreach in youth quidditch and acts as a consultant for diversity related materials for NGBs. 

She currently works as a middle school science curriculum coordinator, and 8th grade science teacher; where beyond hyping up teenagers about science, she leads the Kids of Color affinity group and the middle school WISE (Women in STEM Education) club. Cannon is also one of the co-founders of Black Botanists Week, which promotes, encourages, and creates a safe space for Black people (and BIPOC) who love plants and want to find other like minded plant enthusiasts. 

Amanda Dallas: Promoted to team lead of the USNT team.

Amanda Dallas started her quidditch career at New York University in 2011. She rose to the position of captain for the 2012-13 season, where she created a marketing campaign that drew over 100 new recruits. After graduating in 2013, Dallas continued to work with college programs in the New York/New Jersey area, assisting with talent assessment, providing drills, and hosting summer workshops while co-founding The Warriors. Outside of USQ, Dallas is the co-commissioner of Major League Quidditch and a networking and security project manager at

Samantha Huston: Moving from Events Department to Grant Writing Coordinator in the Office of the Executive Director.

Samantha Huston is a young professional who just moved to Washington, DC. Originally from rural Utah, Huston has been involved with the west coast and Utah quidditch communities for four years, and the east coast quidditch community for one year. She has worn many different hats over the years during her quidditch career: as a tournament director, a player, a manager, a referee, and in MLQ. She decided to volunteer with USQ to stay involved in the sport without participating as a player. While Utah and the west coast community are still dear to her heart, Huston is happy to be part of the east coast community. She looks forward to exploring quidditch in this new capacity!

Sarah Kneiling: Promoted to team lead of the gameplay team in addition to remaining in her role as Rules Coordinator.

Photo By: Jessica Jiamin Lang 

Sarah Kneiling started playing spring 2008 for Louisiana State University.  Since then, she has also played for Arizona Quidditch Club, Gulf Coast Gumbeaux, the Los Angeles Gambits, Houston Cosmos, and Texas Hill Country Heat.  In the summers, she plays with MLQ’s New Orleans Curse. She also played with Team USA in 2012. Kneiling started volunteering with USQ in 2010 with the formation of the now rules team and joined the now gameplay team when it began in 2011.  She is still on both teams.

Chris LeCompte: Adding Rules Team Liaison to his purview in addition to remaining in his role of Referee Coordinator.

Chris LeCompte has been a referee for USQ, MLQ, and the IQA, including events such as US Quidditch Cup, IQA World Cup, and MLQ Championships. He also brings experience from his time officiating football, kickball, volleyball and writing rules for football and quidditch to his new position on the rules team. He hopes to use what he’s learned from reffing domestically and internationally to write rules which are fair, enforceable, and easy to rule on consistently.

Shirley Lu: Adding Rules Team Liaison to her purview in addition to remaining in her roles as West Regional Coordinator, Web Development Coordinator, and DEI Committee Member.

In 2011, Shirley Lu joined her first quidditch team at Wellesley College and has been hooked on the sport ever since. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in computer science and mathematics, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue her career in tech as a software engineer. While living in California, she played for and captained or managed four local teams — the Silicon Valley Skrewts, San Francisco Argonauts (MLQ), Bay Area Breakers, and San Francisco Fog (WCQ). Over the past nine years, Lu has been involved with quidditch in a variety of roles — organizing the first couple iterations of Northeast regionals, serving on the World Cup organizing team, tournament director, nationals photographer, and now West regional coordinator and web development coordinator for USQ. Outside of quidditch, she fosters kittens, does portrait and event photography, enjoys rock climbing, and plays segway polo.

Matt Melton: Adding Rules Team Liaison to his purview in addition to remaining in his roles as Gameplay Coordinator & Referee Coordinator.


Photo By: Jeannette High

Matt Melton picked up quidditch at the ripe young age of 28 and has spent the past five years making up for lost time. If he's not chasing or seeking for Boom Train or Indianapolis Intensity, you can usually find him reffing a game somewhere across the Midwest and Great Lakes. Off the pitch, Melton uses his two engineering degrees to redesign and produce quidditch equipment while moonlighting with USQ's gameplay and referee departments. He's looking forward to getting back on the pitch after nearly a year off from the pandemic and can't wait to two-armed tackle everyone.

Ricky Nelson: Promoted to team lead of rules team.

Miles Travis: Promoted to team lead of referee team.

Miles Travis has been involved with the sport of quidditch since 2016 as a member of the inaugural League City Legends team. The following year he had the opportunity to play on the Houston Cosmos club team during his freshman year of college at Texas A&M Galveston. Travis transferred to Texas A&M for the start of the 2017/18 school year and has been on the A&M team for the past three years. Throughout those three years he has had the opportunity to serve the team as an officer and president. His time thus far in this sport Travis has seen, been a part of, and experienced many things which he hopes will be great experiences to pull from as he begins to help with projects on the referee team.

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