USQ Update

USQ Update

Snitch Team Updates

USQ’s snitch team launches a video project, updates to the snitch tier system, a new snitch of the year program, and more.

Since the summer of 2020, the USQ Snitch Team has expanded in volunteer staff members. Snitch team is now led by Team Leader Jarrod Bailey and staffed by Snitch Coordinators Christian Barnes, Chris Champitto, Louis Consoli, Matthew Cooper, Ryan Davis, and Liam Zach. Throughout the fall, the newly staffed snitch team has made updates to the snitch runner program, and is now looking for additional feedback to help make further changes. 

Snitch Tips and Tricks Videos

A video series is being created by Bailey and Champitto of introductory, basic, and advanced snitching advice geared towards new and experienced snitches. They will be working directly with the community to source tips and tricks picked up over years of quidditch. These videos will be made publicly available in the spring of 2021 and will guide snitches on how to improve as a snitch and increase their tier score. If interested in providing feedback and input on snitch videos, or in volunteering to appear in or film the videos, please fill out the survey linked below in ‘Community Feedback’.

Community Feedback

In addition to feedback on the video project, snitch team would like to hear ideas on what other initiatives and improvements they can work on in the next year. To provide project ideas and express interest in contributing to the video initiative, fill out this form. Responses are accepted through January 31, 2021.  

Snitch Tier System

The new snitch tier system that debuted in August now includes additional tier details and benefits. The tier system will be used for helping assign snitches at USQ-hosted events. All tiered snitches will receive skill development support from snitch team.

  • Tier 1: Priority consideration to snitch USQ-hosted semi-final and finals games. Qualifies to be a snitch mentor through USQ’s mentorship program
  • Tier 2: Priority consideration to snitch USQ-hosted bracket-play and quarter-final games. Qualifies to be a snitch mentor through USQ’s mentorship program
  • Tier 3: Consideration for being scheduled to snitch games at USQ-hosted events. Priority given to snitch games on day one of USQ hosted events. 
  • Tier 4: Consideration for being scheduled to snitch games at USQ hosted events. 
  • Tier 5: This snitch has passed their tests, upgraded their membership, and can be paid, but has not submitted film for tiering. 

Snitch Selection System

A new selection system is being created by Barnes, Consoli, and Cooper to further help assign snitches to games at events. This guideline will take into account the new snitch tier system and will be available for use by USQ certified tournament directors

Snitch of the Year

Barnes, Champitto, and Consoli are currently finalizing the process for the new Snitch of the Month and Snitch of the Year programs. The two programs will run throughout the season, starting in the 2021-22 season, selecting snitches who demonstrate a strong commitment to high quality snitching. These programs, in collaboration with our new snitch tier system, will be used to highlight high quality snitches in a transparent and engaging way.

Become a Snitch Proctor

Snitch proctors are representatives that work in conjunction with the snitch team to maintain an accurate judgement of snitches across the league. Proctors will assist in grading snitches at in-person tournaments and via online film submissions. They are paid $8/game that they proctor at an in-person tournament, even if it's unofficial. Proctors must be a tier 5 snitch or above. Apply to be a proctor today!


If you have any questions please email You can learn more about becoming a snitch runner here.