USQ Update

USQ Update

New USQ Staff Members

Meet our three new volunteer staff members that joined USQ in October.

We are so excited to have welcomed three new volunteers to the USQ team this October. If you see them at any upcoming events, please say hello to them! If interested in joining USQ as a year-round staff volunteer, you can learn more about our available opportunities here

Tyler Piper, PR & Editorial Coordinator, Communications Department

Tyler Piper started playing in 2016 at the University of Illinois majoring in history and political science. He plays as a chaser because playing keeper made him feel like he was tied down to the keeper zone. Piper really fell in love with the sport when his team attended nationals for the first time at US Quidditch Cup 12. In 2019, he had the pleasure of playing for the Werewolves of London during his time studying abroad.

Emmanuel Cureton, Gameplay Coordinator, Gameplay Department

Emmanuel Cureton has been playing quidditch for five years. He has played for University of Florida Club Quidditch, Gainesville Siege, and Atlanta Terminus. He is a two-time, back-to-back collegiate regional winner and a club regional runner up. Cureton was a member of the first team to qualify for a circuit bid. A utility player and volunteer, he has volunteered at three consecutive nationals as a commentator, HR, snitch, field manager, and water person. He enjoys beating and getting buckets.

Mike Novitski, Finance Coordinator, Office of the Executive Director

Mike Novitski has been a Harry Potter fan for over two decades and has visualized what quidditch would look like in the muggle world. He is excited to join US Quidditch and help out however he can.

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