USQ Update

USQ Update

Quidditch Conferences Fall 2020 Update

Fall updates on quidditch conferences formed for the 2020-21 season.

Fourteen quidditch conferences are up and running for the 2020-21 season. A complete list of conferences for this season is below. 


While no conferences are offering in person activities at this time due to COVID-19, some conferences have been providing opportunities for their member teams to connect virtually.  Conference leaders have also been working on resources for teams, including a recruitment resource during COVID-19 and an online presence/virtual events resource doc. Several conference leaders joined for a roundtable discussion on the work that they’ve been doing; that video is available on USQ’s Youtube page

Fall updates for several of the conferences are outlined below: 

  • Big Apple Quidditch Conference (BAQC)
    • The Big Apple Quidditch Conference is pleased to welcome Maryland Quidditch (UMD) into its conference. Maryland joins fellow BAQC college teams NYU, Rutgers, Macaulay, Hofstra, Drexel, and New York Pigeons in addition to club teams NY Nocturns and Atlantic Dragons. Maryland Quidditch will join the BAQC tournament schedule when gameplay resumes. 
    • In lieu of in person events, BAQC launched a football fantasy league for participating conference teams. Results will be announced at the conclusion of the league. 
    • For the culmination of virtual programming, BAQC will be hosting a BAQC team trivia to continue team competition. 
  • Massachusetts Quidditch Conference (MQC)
    • This semester, MQC is proud to announce the acceptance of a new college program, Brown University, to the conference. Formally known as the Providence Ashwinders, an unofficial local club team made up primarily of Brown University students, Brown has become the newest college program in the Northeast and will be competing with MQC when competition opens up again. 
    • In lieu of games being played, the MQC has launched a fantasy football league for the competing teams of the MQC and is planning a set of virtual events moving forward.
  • Philadelphia Quidditch Conference (PQC)
    • The Harry Potter Conference is an annual event hosted in Philadelphia by Chestnut Hill College. It is usually accompanied by it's very own quidditch tournament: Brotherly Love Cup. This year, the conference was virtual and PQC sponsored a diversity and representation in quidditch panel with various members of the community and other regions. The panelists included: Lindsey Simpson, Courtney Buckley, Katrina Bynum, Kym Couch, Carlee Kleppin, & Hannah Hammond.
    • Besides playing Among Us and hanging out on Discord, which is open to non-conference members; you can request to join here, there aren't many PQC festivities occuring yet.
    • PQC is excited to run multiple workshops and skill challenges in 2021 to help support all the official and unofficial teams in the conference.
    • PQC is also placing a major focus on helping new colleges form their first quidditch team as well!
  • Texas Quidditch Conference
    • Texas Quidditch Conference is continuing to do outreach to teams in their conference to ensure they feel supported and offering them help where needed. Texas State is one team the conference is collaborating with to help them with an upcoming calendar project to raise funds for new equipment. 


If you have any questions regarding conferences, please reach out to or Quidditch Conference Coordinator: Harry Greenhouse at