Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month 2020 Player Spotlights

USQ highlighted seven members of the quidditch community to talk about their culture and what being Hispanic/Latinx means to them.

USQ celebrated Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month by uplifting Hispanic, Latino/a/e, Latinx, and Latin American indigenous people in our community and sharing their stories.

Latinx Heritage Month is from September 15-October 15 in the US. It starts mid-month because that marks the start of 30 days when many Latin American countries celebrate their independence.
While this month has been historically referred to as Hispanic Heritage Month, it more broadly celebrates the contributions and achievements of many different racial and ethnic groups with Latin American roots in the US and abroad. What is the difference between all of these terms?
  • Latin America: refers to the “entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean whose inhabitants speak a Romance language” (source: Encyclopaedia Britannica).
  • Hispanic: a person who comes from or is a descendant of a Spanish speaking country.
  • Latino/a/e or Latinx: a person who comes from Latin America or a descendent of any Latin American country. Latine or Latinx are gender neutral terms.
  • Indigenous people: “of those who inhabited a country or a geographical region at the time when people of different cultures or ethnic origins arrived” (source: UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous People). For example, the Mayas in Guatemala and the Aymaras in Bolivia.

For this years celebration, USQ highlighted seven members of the quidditch community to talk about their culture and what being Hispanic/Latinx means to them. You can view their full interview on USQ's Instagram page.



"[B]ecause I have a bi-cultural heritage, [...] thinking about where I fit in when asked the question 'who do I identify' never has an easy answer" - Anna Meriano


"Heritage is nowhere, and everywhere for me. I didn't get to gro up with that culture teh way that other Hispanic people have in the United States." - Alejo Enriquez


"[This month] not only celebrates our past [...] but also, and more importantly, our present and our future, as part of a common American experience." - Debora Bustamante


"Growing up sometimes certain things about my race or heritage were embarassing when compared to my 'American' peers but as a grown person I realized there was really nothing to be embarassed of." - Hugo Quiroz



"Growing up in Venezuela, with everything that was happening politically, [...] showed me how to be passionate and empathetic." - Faby Echeverria



"[...] It was hard for me to meet people in the US, but the quidditch community is amazing and I was able to join a team right away." - Missael Elizando



"My heritage showed me to be kind, to be helpful, to have fun, enjoy life above all, to love food, to emprace music and every culture, etc." - Brenda Flores