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Coach and Tournament Director Certification for 2020-21 Season

Information on coach and tournament direction certification for the new season is now available.

Please note that questions in both the coach and tournament director (TD) certification assessments will change with the release of Rulebook 14 next month. As previously announced, the rulebook is being delayed to allow the diversity, equity, and inclusion committee and the rules team to complete an equity audit of the rulebook. 


As announced earlier this month, all USQ member teams are currently in stage 1 of the COVID-19 return to play guidelines. Stage 1 includes the following restrictions:

  • Only outdoor practices with 10 people or less
  • No indoor practices or meetings
  • No activities that require direct contact between athletes. All drills must be non-contact.
  • No scrimmages between other teams
  • All athletes must use their own broom
  • No sharing of water bottles, towels, mouth guards, or other personal items
  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Follow CDC sanitization guidelines

This means that official games may not take place until further notice. On September 4, there will be another update on if teams may progress to stage 2, and what activities will be permitted at that time.

Full information on policies and programs impacted by COVID-19 are available here on our website.

Coach Certification

In its seventh year, USQ’s coach certification program educates team leaders on key policies their team needs to know about in order to have a successful season with the league. The program also includes concussion recognition training.

To become a certified coach, individuals must: 

This season, the cost of coach membership has been incorporated into the team registration fee, and there is no extra cost for people to register as a coach. 

We recommend that all certified coaches become familiar with the coach resource guide created last season by Strategic Planning Manager, Megan Anderson. Additional resources for coaches are available on this page of the USQ website.

Volunteer Opportunities

USQ is currently looking for volunteers to serve as year-round coach coordinators, to help build out the program and provide support to coach members. More information on the role is available here. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the season. 

Tournament Director Certification

USQ’s TD certification program ensures that event organizers understand USQ policies and best practices for event planning and operations. We encourage all those running quidditch events in the U.S. to participate in the certification program. As with coach certification, there is no cost to become a USQ certified TD. 

Due to the uncertainty of this year’s event season and the delay of the opening of the season, the Director of Events & Partnerships Laura Porth and the TD team have decided not to make any major changes to the tournament director certification process More information is provided below.

To become a certified TD, an individual must:

  1. Sign up for the certification program here
  2. For new TDs, read the TD training manual here
  3. Pass the TD certification assessment with a score of 80% or higher
    1. TDs certified in the 2019-20 season are eligible to attempt a shorter written quiz. The link to the recertification assessment is here. To access the quiz, TDs must enter in the email they used to register for the program last season. If a TD does not remember what email they used, they should email TDs must receive a perfect score of 100% to pass the recertification quiz. If they do not pass it with a perfect score, they must take the full certification assessment. 

As with all USQ quizzes, TDs must wait 24 hours in between test attempts. 

Throughout the season, the available TD resources will be continually updated. The current TD resources are located here. Some of the new resources will include event logistic and operations plans, interviews with experienced TDs, case studies of events with unique challenges, and a more in-depth look into the tournament planning process. Additional audio materials will be available at a later date, including an audio version of the training booklet. 

The manual, certification test and recertification test will be updated once Rulebook 14 is released in mid-September. Any test taken prior to the release of  Rulebook 14 will be honored. 

TD Policies

Due to COVID-19 and the possible lack of available non-playing TDs for the 2020-21 season, the TD team has updated the dedicated TD Rule for official events. Each event will still need to have a certified TD organizing the tournament. For tournaments with four or fewer teams, the certified tournament director who is organizing the event may also have another role at the event (e.g. player, referee, coach, etc.). For tournaments with five or more teams, there must be at least one certified TD who is not playing at all times. The non-playing certified TD does not need to be exclusively one person who serves in that role for the entire duration of the event. The non-played TD can change between multiple certified TDs throughout the event. 

More information on the tournament certification process and policies visit the USQ website here.

The deadline to submit an event to the USQ calendar in the 2020-21 season is two weeks in advance of the event. When the event is submitted to the calendar, it must include evidence of state and local guidelines that prove large outdoor gatherings of that size are permitted at the facility where the event is taking place. At least one TD associated with the event must be certified by the calendar submission deadline. All other TDs must be certified at least one week before the tournament. Exceptions to this policy may be made in the case of an emergency. 

Volunteer Opportunities

USQ is currently looking for volunteers to serve as year-round TD Program Coordinators and TD Support Coordinators, to help build out the program and provide support to tournament directors. More information on these roles is available here. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the season. 


For questions about coach certification, email For questions about TD certification, email