USQ Update

Team Fundraising

Learn from teams around the country and the advice they have to share for planning fundraising for your team.

Fundraising is an important part of operating your team. Being able to budget and plan out how to cover expenses anticipated in your season will help your team feel prepared and hopefully relying less on out of pocket coverage. USQ has gathered some advice below from teams around the country who share some of their thoughts on things to consider when planning out fundraising. If you are looking for further resources, we encourage you to check out USQ’s team resource page. If you would like even more advice, you are always welcome to email membership@usquidditch.org or talk to your regional coordinator.  

As we continue to navigate COVID-19, we also encourage you to keep an eye on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for additional measures and precautions to keep in mind for any fundraising ideas you might be pursuing. Be mindful to check on local and state regulations as well. 

Be sure to check back in August for the next article in our series talking about recruitment methods for your team. If you would like to see your team featured in future advice articles, please fill out the form linked here. Multiple people from the same team are welcome to fill out the form! We thank the teams who have contributed and look forward to sharing more responses in this new series!   

Boom Train

“YOUR TEAM SHOULD ALWAYS BE FUNDRAISING. Do not wait until you receive your acceptance to USQ Cup to start your fundraising efforts. Make sure to space out your fundraisers throughout the year. Contact your local restaurants like Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Noodles and Co. to set up a night for the team to get a percentage of sales when people bring in flyers. Make a cool general quidditch shirt and post it on the forums for people from all different teams and regions to purchase. Have a bake sale. Contact your local minor league sports teams and see if they will let your team help run a 50/50 raffle, run a concession stand on game-day, clean the bleachers after a game, or direct parking for money towards your fundraiser. Try some of the methods your elementary and middle schools might have used and sell chocolates, pizzas, or other catalog items that allow some of the profits to go towards your team. Make use of some of your teammates' creative side and have them make and sell art, crafts, and other such items that they can offer.”

Bowling Green State University

“You need a fundraising chair who works hard. Every dollar counts. Reward teammates who participate in fundraising events. Stress how important it is to raise funds.”

Chicago United Quidditch Club

“Our team has found success with doing public events such as youth quidditch/try-quidditch sessions for local places. Appearing at conventions or events that reach out to us usually results in getting some form of payment for our time. Merch is another way, if you can make good merch that appeals to a broad range of people. Quidditch merch is great, I personally buy merch from other teams if it is cool or unique in a way.”

Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch

Photo Credit: Michelle Juron

“Look at what other clubs are doing on campus and build off of their ideas. Use whatever holiday is next to your advantage, make it themed. It does not have to be Harry Potter themed. And don’t be afraid to go off campus, car washes can be very successful, make local farmers markets and you can sell baked goods? You need to think outside the box.”

Iowa Quidditch Club

“We use RallyAroundUs, which earns us a couple thousand dollars each year. It is very similar to GoFundMe, except our university does not allow GoFundMe and does allow this. Also, it is very low effort because the company runs the campaign for you. We also have advantages through our Sport Club status by getting paid to send volunteers to work football bag-check and set-up/tear-down for other sports. We have also had bake sales before, but those are not as efficient in terms of time put in versus money earned (although they do raise awareness of your team on campus).”

Miami University Quidditch

“Sponsorships help, and posting on social media the events coming up.”

New York University Quidditch

“Our main fundraising method is through merchandise. We try to build a brand that is appealing to anyone, regardless of their relationship to the team (though family members love merch as well!). This goes hand in hand with recruiting a lot of the time with recruitment. We've found that especially for college students selling merch that is cheap is a good way to go, we sell stickers for $2 each! Also, Krispy Kreme always gets college kids and they have great fundraising prices!”

Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club

Photo Credit: Isabella Gong

“Scoop up opportunities when you can! And don't be afraid to simply ask for money through GoFundMe or similar campaigns...family members eat that stuff up!”

Quidditch Club at Virginia Tech

“Most schools have budget programs for their student organizations. Contact your faculty advisor or student organization office to learn how to get funding from the school.”

Texas Quidditch

“Look to partner with surrounding organizations, companies, and businesses. Most businesses are more than willing to partner with college organizations because it makes them look better both on campus and within the community.”

The Lost Boys Quidditch Club

Photo Credit: Shirley Lu

“The Lost Boys are lucky and have a branding that people across the country love as well as graphic designers on the team who are able to create merchandise that people love. We also have a lot of creative people who have made a lot of other non-Lost Boys merchandise that have been popular across the country. Including, but not limited to the "Yes, I'm still playing quidditch" merch as well as the anti-quidditch quidditch club merch. Not everyone cares about a team they aren't a part of. But they do care about well designed merchandise about a sport they love. We also do jersey fundraisers through the year, almost every time we have to order jerseys, we open a form for people to buy a fundraiser jersey. We also do our Indiegogo at the end of every year with a HUGE variety of perks ranging in price to do what we can to appeal to anyone who's interested in donating.”

University of Vermont Quidditch Club

Photo Credit: Mr. Carter

“Our team is lucky enough to be supported primarily through the school however when we do have to fundraise we go to a local factory and help them out during the busy season. This is clearly a unique position but it is a great fundraiser.”