Team Travel

Learn from teams around the country and the advice they have to share for planning travel for your team.

Coordinating your teams travel is an important aspect to not overlook in the planning process for your season. Knowing what events you’ll be planning to attend and how you’ll get there are logistics that are helpful to plan in advance. USQ has gathered some advice below from teams around the country who share some of their thoughts on things to consider when planning out travel for your season. If you are looking for further resources, we encourage you to check out USQ’s team resource page. If you would like even more advice, you are always welcome to email  

As we continue to navigate COVID-19, we also encourage you to keep an eye on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for additional measures and precautions to keep in mind if planning to travel. Be mindful to check on local and state regulations as well. We also encourage you to check the gameplay department recap article for important updates related to events and policies for the upcoming season. Further details will be released next month.

Be sure to check back in July for the next article in our series talking about fundraising for your team. If you would like to see your team featured in future advice articles, please fill out the form linked here. Multiple people from the same team are welcome to fill out the form! We thank the teams who have contributed and look forward to sharing more responses in this new series!   

Bowling Green State University

“Google Flights. It will save your life. Don't wait until tw0 weeks before the trip to book flights.”

Carnage Quidditch


“Go to at least one out of region tournament. There are certainly still costs but doing a carpool and crashing on some host players couch is probably some of the cheapest and most memorable trips with your teammates you’ll ever have.”

Chicago United Quidditch Club

“Backup plans, lots of communication about cost, and efficiency. Be efficient, have people travel together and stay together. Communicate the cost of driving, flying, housing, rental cars, tournament fees, food, possible hangouts after the tournament. Everything should be thought of and calculated and shared to the team (maybe in a packet so it's all in one place). And always have plans if things don't work out. Car troubles, flights delayed, tournament cut short due to weather. Sometimes the plan is simply to go home, but if it's a big tournament it could be a bit more complex than that.”

New York University Quidditch

“If you're receiving funding from your university, work with your advisors as much as possible and try and contact them frequently when it comes to bigger trips (regionals and nationals). We've been very fortunate to receive help for travel a lot of the time, but we've also sometimes struggled with a lack or delay of response. For bigger trips make sure you're booking everything as early as possible so if your school is helping organize or fundraise, keep on them 24/7 until things are booked. For the team members, make sure you've communicated everything they would possibly need to know more than three times in more than two ways (email, text, group message, in person). Include an itinerary in an email if you can (list train/bus times and places to and from) and make sure the length of the day is communicated (half day, full day, overnight). For overnight trips we try and include a packing list to make things a little easier. Always make sure you emphasize the importance of bringing cleats and a mouthguard 10x over.”

Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club

Photo Credit: Isabella Gong

“Designate a travel coordinator within your team. That person will be a point for any travel related concerns. For example, we have a travel coordinator and if someone needs a ride to practice, they'll reach out to them and can help them secure a ride. For tournaments, the travel coordinator will organize carpools so everyone that is available has a way there.”

Quidditch Club at Virginia Tech

“Carpool as much as possible, and offer gas reimbursement to all drivers if you can afford it. Either that or make sure gas money is being split. Always coordinate in advance who is going into what car, and make sure the drivers contact their carpool ahead of time to know when they are leaving.”

The Southern Storm

“Plan it out before the season starts. Communicate within your team, and to other club teams what your plan for the season is, and give hosting teams more confidence that you will show, and actually show. Don't try to steal teams from other close events, just suck it up and go to them. Be the first to plan an event for a date, and show up to other people's tournaments.”

Texas Quidditch

“Work with your university to figure out what the cheapest options for travel are. A lot of universities get tax exemptions or have partnerships with hotels, restaurants, etc. that you can take advantage of even when not in your own city.”

Wichita State Quidditch

“Plan ahead-tell people you plan to leave an hour before you actually plan to do so.”