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National Individual Award Winners

Announcing the winners of the national individual awards.

Updated June 23, 2020

Pre-order link for individual and team award winner trading cards has been added to this article.

Voting for the winners of the US Quidditch national individual awards is now complete. All nominees were selected through winning their respective regional individual awards. Voting was open from May 26 to June 12.

All winners were determined using a rank choice voting method, awarding five points for a first-place vote, four for a second-place vote, and so on. Nominees with the highest total points earned through nominations were selected as winners, with any ties being determined by total first-place votes. 

As previously announced, we will be creating a special set of trading cards for the national individual award winners and the team award winners, packaged in a special commemorative box. The trading cards are available for pre-order by clicking here.

National Award Winners

Names in categories with more than one winner are listed alphabetically by first names.

College MVP: Connor McIntyre (Texas A&M Quidditch)
College Rookie of the Year: Allie Messenger (UTSA Club Quidditch)
College Chasers: Aria Delmar (Florida State Quidditch), Carlee Kleppin (Virginia Quidditch Club), Frank Minson (New York University Quidditch), Kasye Bevers (Texas Quidditch)
College Beaters: Daniel Williams (UTSA Club Quidditch), Lexi Kinsey (Southern Illinois University), Serena Monteiro (Tufts University Tufflepuffs), Tate Kay (Texas Quidditch)
College Keepers: Connor McIntyre (Texas A&M Quidditch), Luke Meissner (Texas Quidditch)
College Seeker: Kellan Cupid (New York University Quidditch)

Club MVP: Lindsay Marella (The Warriors)
Club Rookie of the Year: Bailee Fields (Texas Hill Country Heat)
Club Chasers: Ali Iannucci (District of Columbia Quidditch Club), Kaci Erwin (Texas Cavalry), Lindsay Marella (The Warriors), Sam Haimowitz (Texas Hill Country Heat)
Club Beaters: Alex Zammitti (District of Columbia Quidditch Club), Augustine Monroe (Texas Cavalry), Caitie Probst (Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club), Hallie Pace (Texas Hill Country Heat)
Club Keepers: Augustine Monroe (Texas Cavalry), Jon Jackson (The Warriors)
Club Seeker: Elizabeth Ng (Diablos Quidditch Club)

Spirit Award: Christian Barnes (New York Quidditch Club)
Coach of the Year: Augustine Monroe (Austin Quidditch)
Manager of the Year: Lindsey Simpson (The Lost Boys Quidditch Club)
Snitch Runner of the Year: Anthony Hawkins

Following the success of these awards, US Quidditch is planning on continuing this program next season. If you have any questions or feedback on how to improve the process in the future, please email