Quidditch In Quarantine - Staying Connected

Learn more about how the quidditch community is staying connected while gameplay is on hold.

USQ is doing a four part editorial series on the wealth of quidditch content being produced right now by our community. This is part three. 

The quidditch community is no stranger to adaptation and creativity-- after all, quidditch wouldn’t even exist as it does otherwise! During this unprecedented time of social distancing, stay-at-home, and shelter-in-place, our community has risen to the occasion to foster new ways to connect. We wanted to highlight just a few of the creative approaches our members have taken to stay connected to each other while gameplay is on hold.


Quidpal is a project started by UK member Tom Ffiske as a means to connect quidditch players around the world with penpals within the global community. Those who signed up to participate were connected with their randomly selected penpal over email to foster friendship and international conversation. With national and global quidditch events cancelled due to the pandemic, Quidpal has provided a way for our members to continue to meet new people and forge connections across state and national boundaries. Thank you, Tom, for embodying the spirit of quidditch and helping our members connect in a safe and fun way!

Courtyard Broomball

Courtyard Broomball is a retro video game parody of the popular Backyard Sports game series from the late 90s. It was created in 2018 by Nathan Archer, and is based on our sport. Featuring over sixty characters based on real-life quidditch players, the game is a fun and safe way for members to virtually play quidditch while tournaments and practices are on hold. Nathan recently proposed hosting a tournament of the game, with one of the top prizes being the opportunity to be added as a character in the game. More information can be found in this Facebook group, and anyone interested in participating can sign up here!

Alumni Location Map

The quidditch alumni community is ever-growing, as our members retire and spread across the globe in pursuit of their passions. This form, created by Emily Hickmott, is a community-driven effort that seeks to collect the geographical information of both retired quidditch players (club or college) and college alumni players who currently play on a club team. The goal is to get a better idea of how current and retired quidditch players cluster, which in turn will help connect players and inform future outreach and events after the quarantine is lifted.

Just For Fun

Looking to chat in real-time with other members of the community? Check out the community-run Quidditch Discord Server, started by Mitch Brown! Wondering what other members are listening to? Check out this Spotify playlist inspired by the IQA World Cup! Looking for a quick laugh or a quidditch-related way to express yourself in online chats? Check out the Quidditch Gif Collection!

Share Your Creations With Us

Have you created or seen any fun new ways for quidditch players to connect during quarantine? If so, please feel free to share by emailing info@usquidditch.org for a chance to be featured on the USQ social channels!

Madison Vaughn is the PR Coordinator for USQ and was previously a member of UCLA Quidditch for 4 years. She misses being the team mom, but is looking forward to being the team grandma with cheers and cookies when quidditch resumes again.