USQ Update

Membership Growth and the Important Role of Conferences

USQ would like to express their support for the formation of quidditch conferences.

What is a quidditch conference? It can be described as a local or regional governing body that orchestrates playing and development opportunities for teams in their area, plus tracks quidditch play throughout the season. Conferences are operated by members of the quidditch community. Both USQ official and unofficial teams are welcome to be part of these groups. 

Some conferences have been around for several years and others are getting ready to just start off in the upcoming season. USQ sees the positive impact these conferences are having for teams and would like to express support for these local governing bodies. 

“The growth potential for teams that these conferences are helping develop is something to be excited about.” said USQ Strategic Planning Manager Megan Anderson, “With USQ focusing on the regional and national level competition and conferences focusing on the local level competition, it seems like a winning partnership that could lead to great things for our sport as we continue to work together.”

“Conferences are a necessary and important move forward for collegiate quidditch.” said Massachusetts Quidditch Conference Commissioner Harry Greenhouse. “Conferences give teams a local structure and additional purpose to the gameplay of their regular seasons. They also provide the structure to supply so many other resources such as direct assistance for team needs as well as the ability to create better camaraderie and hype around the sport. USQ’s support of local conferences will do wonders to better support our teams and to truly help quidditch grow.”

For conferences to be recognized by USQ we ask that they have a USQ official tournament director on their leadership team, abide by USQ’s rulebook for all official games, and join the quidditch conference leader Facebook group and scheduled group calls when possible. 

If interested in starting a conference in your area or if your team would like to know if there are any new conferences forming near you, please contact