Quidditch In Quarantine - Filling the Off-Season Void

Learn more about some of the new YouTube channels and podcasts created by the quidditch community.

USQ is doing a four part editorial series on the wealth of quidditch content being produced right now by our community. This is part two. 

With virtually all sporting events on hold due to the pandemic, every sports community is hungry for content. The quidditch community is no different! While watching archival footage or re-reading the official rulebook is always encouraged, there is also plenty of member-created content out there to fill the quidditch void. From gameplay analysis to player-on-player interviews, we wanted to highlight just a few of the great YouTube channels and podcasts that have been born out of the quarantine.

Questioning Quidditch - A COVID-19 Mini Series

Everyone copes with crisis differently, and for Ian Scura, that meant starting the podcast Questioning Quidditch. Through interviews and personal reflection, this podcast explores how members of the quidditch community are coping with the life changes caused by the coronavirus. Each episode and interview poses the same five questions, and yet each takes its own unique shape as the host and guests delve deep into how their connection to quidditch fits into life during a pandemic.

The Midline

The Midline is a YouTube channel hosted by Ethan Sturm that provides an in-depth look at the analytical side of quidditch. Videos range in length from ten minutes to an hour, and cover both in-game and out-of-game topics and strategies. Whether you’re looking for back to basics videos, match analysis, or tips for snitch-on-pitch situations, The Midline covers it all. With videos posted daily and plenty of special guest appearances, this channel is the go-to for anyone hoping to hone their strategy during the downtime between seasons.

HOMES at Home

HOMES at Home, an experimental podcast hosted by USQ Great Lakes Regional Coordinator Matt Dwyer, is the perfect blend of shop talk and casual banter. Each episode starts off with a catchy tune and features a range of topics, from strategic insights like managing college leadership transitions and player retention, to more light-hearted discussions, such as which Animal Crossing villagers would make the best quidditch players.


A strong referee team is crucial to ensuring that games are played safely, fairly, and smoothly -- but that’s often easier said than done. That’s where YouTube channel MrOfficial comes in. Hosted by Chris LeCompte, a referee since 2011, the channel provides game footage reviews and officiating guides ranging from twenty to forty minutes in length. From positioning to communication to applying the four cornerstones of officiating, MrOfficial is a great resource for both new and veteran referees looking to up their game during the offseason.

Hoopside Chats

If you’re for something a little lighter in between gameplay breakdowns and tactics, look no further than Hoopside Chats. Hoopside Chats is a weekly podcast hosted by Keegan Remy-Miller and Naresh Edala which features interviews with players, refs, coaches, and other quidditch personalities. Their ultimate goal is to collect and share all the best stories of quidditch, creating a virtual sidelines environment where veteran players can reminisce and newcomers can learn more about the community they’ve become a part of. Episode 2 even features an interview with USQ Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Katrina Bynum!

Have you created or seen any new quidditch-focused YouTube channels or podcasts? If so, please feel free to share by emailing info@usquidditch.org for a chance to be featured on the USQ social channels!

Madison Vaughn is the PR Coordinator for USQ and was previously a member of UCLA Quidditch for 4 years. She misses being the team mom, but is looking forward to being the team grandma with cheers and cookies when quidditch resumes again.