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2020 South Regional Championship Recap

University of Florida Club Quidditch won the collegiate division title.

Collegiate Division

Four collegiate teams participated in the tournament, which took place at the Feltrim Sports Village in Haines City, Florida on February 15-16, 2020. The teams participated in a double round robin format. After these games, any matchups that were split 1-1 played a third game to determine the winner of the matchup. The two bids to US Quidditch Cup 13, as well as the title of collegiate division champion, were based on the final rankings of teams, which took into account all games played that weekend. 

The list of competing teams is available below in the order of their final ranking. University of Florida Club Quidditch won the collegiate division and Florida State Quidditch was the runner-up. Those in bold qualified for US Quidditch Cup 13. Information about qualifying for an at-large bid and signing-up for the open division can be found here.

  1. University of Florida Club Quidditch
  2. Florida State Quidditch
  3. Gamecock Quidditch
  4. Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch


Online, scores are shared on Twitter and in the schedule spreadsheet. Scores will be uploaded to the USQ website here and reflected in the standings later this week. 

Game Film

Fans and parents can re-watch the coverage from USQ for livestreamed games. They are available on Facebook now. 


We still have trading cards available to purchase from this event. They will be up on our DFTBA store soon.


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Again, we wish to thank all involved teams, and would like to congratulate all teams from the South who earned a bid to US Quidditch Cup 13, in addition to all who participated in the tournament. We would also like to thank all of our volunteers, officials, snitch runners, and spectators for being part of this event. Lastly, we wish to thank Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing for their support. 

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