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Tournament Director Support Committee Introduction

Meet our Tournament Director Support Committee and learn about the new projects this team will be rolling out for USQ.

The tournament director (TD) support committee is comprised of Elizabeth Barcelos, Haley Black, Olivia Caughey, Kristin Joostema, Mary Kimball, Amanda Perry, Carrie Soukup, and Jeremy Taylor. Haley and Kristin are long time TDs who are new to USQ staff. The rest of our support committee are certified TDs who have been part of USQ staff in various capacities. If you have not met the team yet, we encourage you to say hello if they are at a tournament you are attending or operating! 

The TD support committee has a few projects rolling out this season that we are excited to share with you!

Mentorship Program

A mentorship program for TDs will be rolling out over the next several weeks. TDs will be given a mentor based on where they're located and that mentor will be available as a resource for TDs when they have questions about USQ policies and best practices for planning, as well as support during last minute crises (such as a team dropping out and you need to redo the schedule, medical staff suddenly no longer available, etc).  

Calendar Planning Spreadsheet for Tournaments

The TD team has put together a calendar planning spreadsheet for TDs and teams to use for listing out potential tournaments for the latter half of the 2019-2020 season. More information about how to use the spreadsheet can be found on the first tab of the spreadsheet or under event planning resources on the TD resources page of USQ. Here is a link to the spreadsheet: 

Officials Request Form 

Are you looking for snitch runners or referees for your upcoming tournament? Fill out this form linked here and USQ staff will assist you! Requests for officials will be revised by the TD and referee teams, who will then send out this information to the appropriate snitch runners and referees. If you have any questions or if your need is urgent (urgent meaning your tournament is this weekend and you need help ASAP), please email and 

These new resources will also be made available on the TD resources page.

As a reminder for TDs, the TD support committee is here to assist you with your tournament planning and implementation. We encourage you to meet with a TD support coordinator prior to your tournament, which can be arranged by emailing

Additional support provided starts once you submit your sanctioned event to the USQ calendar. Once it is approved, the following will happen:

  • The week of your event, a USQ staff member will contact you to update you on the status of competing teams’ coach certification, referee requirements, snitch runner certification, and proof of enrollment (for applicable college teams). 

  • The details of these policies are available in the sidebar of the Team Requirements page of our website. We encourage TD’s to keep an eye on this spreadsheet leading up to the weekend of your tournament. 

  • USQ will also contact teams individually about requirements they need to finish in order to be eligible to compete officially. 

  • The weekend of your tournament, USQ staff are on call to support TDs and a phone tree is emailed out to all TDs for each weekend with who is the primary person on call for a specific time. Phone tree also lists other contacts you can call. 

For anyone who is not currently a TD, we encourage you to explore becoming a certified TD. The process is free, and opens up the possibility of you hosting USQ sanctioned event, which are eligible for financial support grants from USQ. To learn more about TD certification, click here

For those that are currently certified TDs or want to learn more about the tournament planning process, please make sure to utilize the TD Resource Page on the USQ website. Information about how to apply for event sanctioning, which the application includes a question about requesting financial support, is also available on the USQ website. Also, a Slack channel for TDs has replaced the former TD Facebook group. If you need added to this group, please email

The TD support committee looks forward to continuing to assist TDs run successful tournaments. If you have any suggestions or questions for this team, please email