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Fall 2019 New USQ Staff Members

Meet our new volunteer staff members that joined USQ this fall!

We are so excited to welcome 11 new volunteers to USQ staff this past fall season! If you see them at any upcoming events please say hello to them! We still are recruiting for individuals to join our team, so if interested please visit our long-term volunteer opportunities page. Additional year-round opportunities will be posted in the spring. A list of open positions for US Quidditch Cup 13 on-site event staff will be posted later this month, and in the meantime, you can check out this link for more information.

Alexia Barnes, West Regional Coordinator, Member Services Department

Untitled_1_590x274Alexia started playing quidditch in 2011 at the University of South Florida (USF) where she served the team as a player and captain. After moving to California, Alexia joined the Long Beach Funky Quaffles, serving as a player and team manager in her four years with the team. The past two seasons, Alexia has produced several tournaments throughout Southern California and has helped to organize the west region's non-male fantasy tournament as well as co-founded the Western Championship Quidditch league. Alexia has a master's degree in applied behavior analysis from USF and spends her non-quidditch time playing beach soccer, watching college football, and spoiling her dog.


Tom ‘Chiddy’ Powers, Photo Coordinator, Communications Department

Screen_Shot_2019-12-27_at_8.11.31_AM_590x274Chiddy started playing quidditch in the spring of 2012 at Stockton University. While Stockton only held in-house tournaments for a few years, Chiddy helped start an unofficial team by the name of New Jersey Nargles who still play from time to time. Chiddy played for Stockton once the team became official, and then for RUQ (Reluctantly Unaffiliated Quidditch). He went on to help create and play for the Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club. As for photography experience, Chiddy started getting into photography in 2012. Since then, Chiddy has received a minor in photography from Stockton, created a small photography business, freelanced for multiple companies, and continues to experiment with new techniques to expand on photography skills. Chiddy is extremely excited to be USQ’s new photo coordinator!

Kristin Joostema, Tournament Director (TD) Support Coordinator, Events Department

31277663_1967389873313988_1865152263400456192_o_1Kristin Joostema is a senior at The University of Richmond pursuing a degree in cognitive science with minors in biology and women, gender, and sexuality studies. She joined Richmond Quidditch in the fall of 2016 and quickly fell in love with the behind the scenes world of the quidditch community. Kristin has enjoyed serving as the tournament director and manager for her team since her first year. She is thrilled to be joining the tournament director support committee and make a lasting impact during her last year as a collegian.

Liam Zach, Rules Team, Gameplay Department

quid_headshot_1Liam has played for Ball State University for two years and currently helps coach. Liam also played for Indianapolis Intensity for one year. They are a full utility player with a variety of experiences - Liam hopes these skills will help bring more positive changes to our sport!



Haley Black, Tournament Director (TD) Support Coordinator, Events Department

Haley_Black_photo_1Haley has over six years of coaching and tournament planning experience with quidditch. With a degree in recreation management, Haley has had a variety of event planning experiences that aid in the 7 tournaments planned so far. Haley also is involved with Major League Quidditch helping manage Cleveland Riff.




Michael Goldman, Web Development Coordinator, Office of the Executive Director

73202214_586252888848989_6214385440393265152_n_1With an eight year quidditch career, Michael played with Syracuse for four years and is now in the middle of the fourth year on the Silicon Valley Vipers. Also for the past two years, Michael has been running a development team for the Silicon Valley Vipers. In Michael’s professional career, they started doing web development before graduating and continues to sharpen those skills through 2 startups, one of which Michael created, and the other Michael was in the first 10 engineers.



Joshua Cohen, Gameplay Coordinator, Gameplay Department

Cohen_Joshua_108064_-_Joshua_Coen_1Joshua graduated from Drexel University in 2017 with a degree in civil engineering, and has been involved with quidditch in and around the Philadelphia region since 2012. Outside of quidditch, you can catch him playing chess, setting lineups for fantasy sports, and organizing his music library.



Ryan Davis, Snitch Coordinator, Gameplay Department

headshot_-_Ryan_Davis_1Ryan recently graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in computer science and is currently pursuing their masters at Georgia Tech. Having played quidditch for the past five years and is more than excited to be a part of the USQ team. Ryan takes great passion in snitching and the development of the position and can’t wait to bring their ideas to the table.



Kevin Raber, Web Development Coordinator, Office of the Executive Director

KevinRaber2_-_Kevin_Raber_1Kevin is the owner, general manager, and president of Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club since its founding in 2016. Kevin graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a masters of science and two bachelors of science degrees. He has been working in Houston for Chevron for about seven years and enjoy rock climbing, renaissance festivals, running, and, obviously, quidditch.



Alex Henson, Merchandise Coordinator, Communications Department

alex_henson_-_Alex_Henson_1_590x274Alex is new to the sport of quidditch and is eager to be involved! Merchandising and digital designs are huge passions for Alex and he looks forward to bringing those skills to USQ. Alex is a lover of all things dogs, tech, and design. In his spare time, Alex loves traveling the world, eating chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, and hanging with his dog, Artoo.




Josh Bartlett, Event Logistics Coordinator, Events Department

Screen_Shot_2020-01-02_at_11.11.26_PMJosh started quidditch in 2016 as their first sport and fell in love with it. Josh volunteered at USQ Cup 10 and played at USQ Cup 12 for Appalachian State Quidditch. In their spare time, Josh enjoys tabletop gaming, camping, and restoring vintage audio gear.






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